Saturday, March 24, 2007

Adrian's Post

This post was created entirely by Adrian, my 7-year-old son!

Adrian’s Jokes

Linda: Adrian would you like to join me in a cup of tea?
Adrian: I don’t think we’d both fit!

Q. Where do hotdogs dance?
A. At meatballs!

Dad: Why are you staring at frozen orange juice can?
Adrian: Can’t you see? -It says, “concentrate”

Dad: Why did Columbus sail to America?
Adrian: Because it was faster than swimming!

Dad: Why did the Romans build straight Roads?
Adrian: So their enemies couldn’t hide behind the curves!

Jade: Where is Moscow?
Adrian: In the barn with Pa’s cow!

Adrian’s Definitions:

Autobiography: a book about cars.
Cartoon: a song about an automobile.
Commentator: an everyday potato.
Dry-dock: a thirsty surgeon.
Humbug: a roach that loves music.
Mischief: the police chief’s wife.
Pocket Calculator: a device for counting pockets.
Short–order Cook: a person who prepares food for children.
Stagecoach: a theatrical instructor.


Victoria said...

hahaha I just love children, the way they think, it's adorable.

Mommy said...

Adrian, you're just the funniest, handsomest, smartest, sweetest, funnest boy ever. ILY and miss you!

Mommy said...

Oh, and buddy, I think we may need to bring you to the dentist when I get home. :)

Adrian said...

Thanks for the comment!

Those are my funny teeth! I love and miss you too! But we're having fun!

joy, rich and tim said...

Adrian, those are very clever! I read them to Richard and Timmy and we all thought they were hilarious.

Their favorite was the one about Moscow and Pa's favorite was the idea of you and Linda in a teacup!

Lots of love from all of us!

F. said...

Great work! One of the best posts I've seen today! Keep it up big look like a cool kid!

Jamie said...

Pretty funny Adrian! Those jokes were waaaaaaay funnier then some I've heard adults tell. You should post more on your dad's blog, heh heh. :)

Ali said...

Adrian: I hope you grow up and never loose your sense of humor. I think my favourite one was the orange juice can one, and I agree with Jamie; u should post more on ur dad's blog.
I also think you have a beautiful smile but should definetly do something about those teeth.
Stay funny...girls like funny guys...heh...just don't scare them with those big teeth.

Adrian said...

You should read my comment in reply to my mom, as it explains they are only funny teeth.

Jamie and Ali,
I will be looking for more things to put on my dad's blog.

My dad told me that you are a cool person too. He told me a story about you, him and garbage cans. I laughed and laughed...

Gabe said...

Man, I had no idea this would go over so well, maybe I should make Adrian a team blogger.

Adrian, mom's right! -you are the coolest, funnest, handsomest, and humorous kid there is! I love you so much. Your are a light in my life and help me keep site of the goal.

Thanks guys for all your comments, Adrian really liked them!

Robyn said...

Aww Adrian I think your post is really cute & brought me smiles :) :)
Your jokes are funny, I really liked the tea & orange juice ones. You should tell your dad that you should blog with him as well.
I love you lots Adrian!

Joan said...

ahahaha, what an awesome kid!!!

Impetuous Lady said...

I know you probably already forgot about this post Adrian...but I thought the orange juice one was really funny. I've got this huge grin on my face right now and I can't wait to link this post to my blog.
Oh wait...may I have your permission?

Your definitions were also real cool and clever...I wish I could come up with stuff like that. :)

To Daddy Gabe: Cheers to you!!! You've got an adorably cute and clever son ;)

Adrian said...

Thanks Robyn!

Thanks Joan!

It's from a joke book. I didn't think of them.

Impetous Lady, you have my permission to post it.