Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jade's Boat

I went out today and when I got home Jade showed me this boat she made (with Bruni) from a seed pod they found in the garden. She put it in the bowl for the photo but it worked well in the pool.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Home

The kids and I arrived last night in my new Home here in Cuernavaca. Thanks for all your prayers for our travels. We had a safe trip with no problems. TYJ!

This is the back yard!

We have a nice room close to the pool and the kids have been enjoying swimming everyday sometimes twice a day! They both sleep well at night.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HB2Y Naomi

This is for one of the coolest Hungarians I know. Praying you have a great new year with lots of the Lord's love and blessing overflowing in your life. Big Hug from an old friend.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Truck

I was thankful that just before I rejoined I was able to purchase the truck for the home in Veracruz as it was a big blessing while there as well as faithful on on the trips that I made while there.
Having rejoined in that home I didn't intend to keep the truck when I moved on but rather was excited to be able to really forsake all and experience that aspect of Family life. So the past few days I have been communicating with the Veracruz home as to how to get the truck back to them as they had graciously lent it to me for my last fundraising trip before moving on.
They explained to me that they were going to sell the truck along with some other vehicles in the home to get a better newer one. So they asked if I would want to buy it back and after praying about it I did.
So TTL the truck I had forsaken has found it's way back to me and my new home so that it can continue to be a blessing to the Lord's work.
So I start down in the morning to Mexico and to my new home. Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yesterday I started the trip down to Mexico from central Texas with Adrian and Jade who are going to be with me again this summer.
Although the first leg of our journey was only a three hour drive just ten minutes from the kids grandparents house our adventures began in earnest.
One of the tires on the truck shredded and no jack left us waiting in a parking lot in the heat of the day until the jack did arrive. God Bless Kieth who came to our rescue lending us his jack.
Thankfully we had shade and the wind was blowing, so with our fresh stock of ice water we managed fine.
After about an hour of waiting though the kids started getting anxious and so had to bribe them with going to the movies to help them keep their spirits high.
So as promised today I took them to see Kung-Fu Panda which they both thoroughly enjoyed while laughing the whole way through.

I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bacardi 151 -A Flaming Review?

From time to time I do a post on my recent enjoyment of the "spirits" and this is one like that but with a warning label.

As you can see on the label it says in bold red letter's, WARNING: FLAMMABLE SEE BACK OF LABEL. The back goes on to explain that it's best to keep it away from open flame and things that can cause it to ignite. Well to be honest that's exactly why I got it. I was in the mood to do flaming shots.

Yup, flaming shots! You serve it up, light it on purpose and while the drink is flaming you drink it. Of course you take caution not to burn you lips or hold the flame in your mouth too long and is not something that is for everyone.

But my caution to you my reader is not about the flames or the fact it will catch fire, but rather the extreme potency of this type of alcohol. I have had many drinking partners over the years and have seen many a person hit hard by the drinks they have... but this stuff was CRAZY!!

I drank a fair amount of shots and was a little irritated that I didn't even feel a buzz... but if you are used to drinking hard and often I would not recommend more then four shots of this stuff. If you are a feather weight or don't drink often you should limit yourself to ONLY one!!

If you have any doubt at all, just pass it up. I will most likely get it again but will never be so generous again with the shots I give out.

On a final note to those who were hit hard by it, I am truly sorry I was the causing factor of your discomfort and pain and for next time will bring a milder bottle for you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mac n' Cheese followup...

Okay so many of you have read my first mac n' cheese post and know that it's not really my thing, but I am compelled (for the sake of those who hold mac n' cheese in high regard) to amend my previous post.

Why, you might ask, would I do that? Because of Nicole! That's why!

See I arrived the other day to pick up my kids and I got the the home at close to lunch time, Nicole was the chef for the day. She made the best mac n' cheese I have ever had.

She used manicotti noodles with a cheese sauce melted from real cheese and it had tiny pieces of broccoli stirred in with a blend of spices that made it robust and succulent in your mouth.

Nicole claims to not be a cook, which may be true since I am not really bald either. But for that mac n' cheese all I could say was, "I want more..."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank you Gus...

I wept with you for your soul, while all the angels of heaven rejoiced as you accepted God's ultimate gift to man and in doing so you have have been given the key to join the ranks of the immortals, for in Him we will never die.

Welcome Home!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What do you pay for gas?

The cost of fuel is always going up, today for the first time I payed $4.02 USD for a gallon (approx. 4 liters) of gas. When I bough my truck a little over two years ago it cost me $21.00 to fill the tank. Today it cost me $40.

In the past three days I have had visitors to this blog from 27 different countries I would like to ask anyone who visits here to leave a comment as to how much the price of a liter of gas is in your country, as I would like to get an idea on global gas prices. You don't have to leave your name, you can comment as anon as long as you let us know what country you are leaving the price of gas for. Thanks so much.

I think this is the first poll on this blog :)

Saturday, June 07, 2008


So today's date is 6-7-8, June 7th 2008, I wonder if there's any meaning in those numbers?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Thought – Changes

Each one of us has a role to play in life, a function that helps each of us find purpose and usefulness. And sometimes we are in a certain place for a long time and sometimes in a place a short time, but it's change that always happens.

Sometimes it's just a change or perspective or a change of heart or spirit. Other times it's actually change of location and ministries. While I hope each day my heart changes and my perspective becomes a little more fine tuned, this is a change of physical location.

A lot of you know that I have been praying and seeking the Lord where He wants me and where I can best be used in his service ever since He told me towards the end of last year that a move was coming. It was a long road and at sometimes very confusing. For a few months there I thought I was going to Chile and as the days approached for me to finalize those details the Lord changed things. It's interesting to see where that little dog line will go.

But I am happy to announce with this post that I am moving to Cuarnavaca, a city just south of Mexico City, Mexico. I should be arriving with in my new home towards the middle of this month and will keep you posted with news and hopefully photos.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Michladas in the A.M.

Every one knows it's nice to have a cold beer after a long hard day, it helps take the edge off and helps you relax. And in the summer the colder the better.

So today after having been up all night I went to breakfast with a work buddy and we decided that since we had worked all night that beer would be in order with breakfast, which was in essence our dinner. We were at a Mexican restaurant and so michladas were in order.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what a michlada is, you take a cold beer and add hot sauce to it and you put salt on the rim of the class or bottle that your drinking it from.

Now under the right circumstances a michlada is great, but having it at 7:00 a.m. in the morning I decided it wasn't for me. It was not the good nice way to end my night the way i thought it would be.

So my advice: No michladas in the a.m.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Wow, it's already June!! Where has this year gone?....