Saturday, June 07, 2008


So today's date is 6-7-8, June 7th 2008, I wonder if there's any meaning in those numbers?


Joy said...

Yep, there's a meaning all right. The meaning is that it makes no sense at all to write your dates month/day/year. It's high time for the States to join the rest of the world in writing dates day/month/year.

I'll leave it to you, Gabe, to ponder whether or not there's a meaning in 7-6-8... :)

Gabe said...

It's high time for the US to do lots of things different Joy,

But "to a Greek a Greek, a Roman a Roman, become all things to all men that you might win some."

So I guess since I am still here for a little longer I still have to use thier system.


Wild Flower said...

lol. Here in Brasil its day/month/year, but I guess no matter how you add those numbers, it gives 21. 7x3. Thats a good number.

CurlyCel said...

Just think Gabe, you can post this all over again on the 6th of July for the rest of the world. (Right, Joy?) :P

Joy said...

I can hardly wait. :P