Saturday, September 30, 2006

Market Day

Thursday Sept 28th

My partner for the market wasn’t feeling well this week so I gave her the day off and took Adrian instead. He is such a hit there and the people really love him. He amazes them and me by the depth of his curiosity about traditional Mexican things and foods, which leads to us receiving better quality foods. We got perfect bananas and avocados, two items we hadn’t had for about 3 weeks.

He makes me proud. Thanks Buddy, you’re a great addition to the team.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just for Fun!

The sky was dark
The moon was high
All alone just she and I
Her hair was soft
Her eyes were blue
I knew just what
She wanted to do
Her skin so soft
Her legs so fine
I ran my fingers
Down her spine
I didn't know how
But I tried my best
I started by placing
My hands on her breast
I remember my fear
My fast beating heart
But slowly she spread
Her legs apart
And when I did it
I felt no shame
All at once
The white stuff came
At last it's finished
It's all over now
My first time ever at... (Click this link)

Acuario Veracruz

We had parent day on Monday and that found the kids and I visiting the local aquarium, Acaurio Veracruz. It was cool. Although the aquarium is small, they had some good exhibits. Jade loved the passageways that went under the tanks where you could see all the fish, sharks, and turtles swimming above you. We had a blast and the kids loved the interaction exhibits where you could touch the animals and different shells and bones.

I have been to some amazing aquariums in my travels. The best was the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon. Which was at that time (1997) the home of Kieko the orca whale, made famous in the “Free Willy” movies.

One of Adrian’s favorites is the Texas State Aquarium, in Corpus Christie Tx.

We had decided before hand to have a picnic lunch on the beach so after the Acaurio, we stopped by the store to get lunch and headed for the beach. The wind had picked up quite a bit by this time so on arrival to the windswept beach with stinging sand flying through the air we decided on having lunch in the truck while looking out on the waves. It was fun in it’s own way and we all had a good time.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Blast from the Past

Written Friday Sept. 22nd

Today finds me wondering what I will do about the laundry. I was on pick ups in the morning and drove a team in the afternoon, so just after lunch I set my two loads to soak in a bathtub. Parent time activity tonight, we donned our bathing suits, cranked up the lively tunes and enjoyed a sudsy water dance. Jade looked so cute stomping on those clothes; she was quite the little helper. Adrian did a marvelous job help me wringing everything out. Now we all have clean laundry.

Market Day

Written Thursday Sept. 21st.

Today was market day for me. Since I am the only driver of our home's pickup truck, I have the privilege of going every week. This week I took Adrian along with me. It was great; he was a very big hit with the contacts. He impressed a lot of them by showing interest in the different and exotic foods and how they are used and what for. I mean I had never asked what they use the raw chicken heads for, so I was able to learn a thing or two also.

It was also laundry day, always a good thing. Since the kids are here visiting, I have a limited amount of clothes for them. So when arriving home to learn that the washing machine had broken I was less then thrilled. I had two loads to go and had to figure out what to do. Maybe I will just wait until tomorrow.

Monday, September 18, 2006


We should be back online in the next day or two, and I will be able to keep this blog better updated. Thanks for your patience with me during this time of little activity.

“Viva Mexico….”

September 16th

….is all they are shouting outside. It is Mexico’s Independence Day. Had some of the homes friends over last night for a little get together and fun and games and celebrating the birthday of one of our friends.

We opted to stay in tonight because of the festive spirit the city is caught up in. Downtown there are many traditional shows and much celebrating going on, but really, who wants to fight throngs of people and bad traffic late into the night, when you can throw your own little party from the safety of your home and watch the fireworks display fright from your own rooftop.

Yes, they were great! I put the kids to bed early so that I could wake them up when the fireworks started. Jade despite the early bedtime tossed and turned in her bed and only fell asleep ten minutes before it started so I did not wake her. However, Adrian and I climbed onto the roof and watched the show.

Thunderstorms and Life

September 14th

Last night, as the thunder clapped shaking the very foundations of the house, and as the lightning danced across the sky, I lie awake thinking about many things. Jade was awake, woken up from the raging storm outside and the bolt that hit our street. Actually I think that one woke everyone in the house, most were able to go back to sleep, not Jade and I.

With the first few thunderclaps, Jade would snuggle up closer to me to make sure I was there. That brave little girl, she was not scared or startled at all, content to lie there so calm and still and would simply pull my arm over her anytime she felt me start to move. There is something so incredibly awesome when you hear the words of a tiny child, “Daddy, I need you!” Jade uses it often and it reminds me why I am here.

As I lie there thinking about how Jade needs me, I got into thinking how very thankful I am for the Lord, our heavenly Father and how he is always there when we need him. I have been going through my own thunderstorms of life in the past year and although for the most part I was not scared, it has been reassuring to know that the Lord has me wrapped in His arms close to his bosom. All I need to do is lie there calm and trust.

Just as I was able to reassure her that there was nothing to be concerned about but that it was just a matter of time before the storm would pass and the sun would shine in all it’s glory in the morning; so the Lord reassures me of the same.

“My child, the storm is but for a moment and the sun will shine in all it’s glory tomorrow when this storm has passed!”

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lightning Fries Modem

Wednesday night we had a major thunder storm with a lightning bolt hitting in our street which fried our DSL modem. We are in the process of getting it replaced and once it is here I will be back to blog about the past few days. So if you have sent me any emails over the past few days, please know that’s why I haven’t responded yet. Love you all and praying I can be with you again very soon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Somebody Prayed

Somebody prayed and my burden was lighter
Somebody prayed and my path became clear
Clouds rolled away and the sunshine was brighter
Jesus my wonderful savior was near

Big thanks to all of you who prayed for me yesterday!

You guys are the best!

Having fun!

I love to have fun and mess around with people...most of them time they know it's just me being me. Well I feel like playing a practical joke on someone! Know anyone who needs to have a good laugh at themselves?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sleeping beauties…

…ok so Jade’s not sleeping, but a beauty none the less!

90 Days

Yesterday completed my first 90 days of the rejoining process...90 to go, may they be as blessed as the first.

My prayer, to stay yielded to the Lord and all He has for me.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A great day....

....that's what today was. It was one of those days where everything just felt so right.

It was parent day and I took the kids kayaking in the morning. There’s just something great about having a river run behind your house. I will post pics when I am able to get them from the borrowed camera.

I was on lunch today so I made it with the kids. Jade didn't believe me when I told her that the bullion wasn't candy. She figured since it was wrapped in silver foil (like some candies are) it must be candy. I wish I had a camera to catch the expression she made after she took a cube and bit into it. I hope kids taste buds aren't more acute the younger they are.

We went to the beach in the afternoon. There were some decent waves today, which meant Jade wanted to stay on the! We all had a blast.

Missionary Kids

Sometimes when I am visiting my friend’s blogs I will click on a link which leads to another clinked link and so on, soon I am at an interesting page and I have no clue how I got there. I am sure many of you can relate to that.

Well I ran across a list with examples compiled as to how you can tell you’re a Missionary Kid. I found it interesting and funny, maybe you will to.

Click here for the list.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Rosers

JD and Hana are cool awesome people that I have the blessing of living and working with. Click this link to see their new blog.

Thanks JD and Hana for your friendship, it means a lot to me!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Living in the tropics….

…comes with many pleasures. One being I have this beach to go jogging on, 1.6 miles of sand and water each way.

There are also its downsides.

Public enemy #1 is the mosquito. We all know what they do. My poor babies are covered in bites.

Jade’s enemy #1 is the fire ant. She has them back home in Texas too so she knows how to avoid them. I can always tell when one is on her though, that scream is different from any others. TTL she hasn’t been bitten since arriving.

Adrian’s enemy #1 is the gnat (a.k.a. the fruit fly.) Although not equipped with stingers or pincers they fly around irritating you. Poor Adrian had one fly into his eye and got caught between his eyelid and eye. After trying different things to get the gnat out we had to stick Adrian in the bath with water running over his eye to flush the gnat out. An experience which in his own words, “should never be repeated!”

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

Pluto Demoted

Ever since I heard the news about Pluto being demoted from planet status I’ve wanted to blog about it. Don’t really know why; guess I kind of felt bad for the little fella.

I always kind of liked Pluto, the lone planet way out there on the fringes traveling on a different path around the Sun then the rest of the other planets, its mystery, since not too much was known about it.

I read a very interesting post and following commentaries about Pluto’s effects in Astronomy over on The Hollow Blah. If you haven’t already read it and your into astrology and astronomy it’s worth the read.


I like surprises, who doesn’t? Although it is very hard to surprise me, it happened twice in the past 14 hours.

Last night after getting home from the beach with the kids a little past 7:15 I ushered them into the dinning room and quickly served them being as we were late for dinner. We had all 8 of the kids in the home with us so after serving everyone I got my plate, sat down, and all the kids and I had a great dinner.

I was scheduled on dishes, so I asked Adrian to go through the house and find out if the adults already ate and if I could start. Being that I hadn’t seen a single adult in the house for about 20 minutes I figured they all ate at 7:00 and had already gone on to other things.

So I started clearing the tables putting the food away and all those good things. To have Adrian come back and tell me the adults hadn’t eaten yet. I said to myself, “Hmmm…I think I better go and find out when they plan on eating, since I don’t want to be here all night doing dishes.”

A quick discussion with one of the home managers revealed that the adults were going to have a special dinner in honor of Vanessa’s birthday.

Great! Surprise #1. At least doing the dishes for just the kids and I was easy. But right about then I was wishing I hadn’t already eaten. I don’t like eating dinner twice.

So it was nearly 10:00 by the time we started our candle lit dinner. JD made a great meal of broccoli with mushrooms and onions, rice and roast beef; concluded with a dessert of ice cream covered in chocolate liquor. I wasn’t able to finish all that I was served, but that’s good because I can now enjoy it later today. Double the taste!

We had some fun fellowship as well as some fun table games that helped us all get to know each other a bit better.

By the time midnight came around I was really tired and so I was relieved when Jade woke up needing water. After getting it for her I do believe I fell asleep before she did. And a very welcomed sleep it was.

We had decided over dinner to have a half hour sleep in and get up at 7:30 am instead of 7:00. I was very thankful for this as I have been very tired since being back from the trip. Adrian woke me at 8:00 am asking if he could get up now and go for breakfast, “Of course!” I told him.

I went downstairs to check the schedule to see what I would be on today, to find there was no schedule up. So I went to one of the HM and asked what I would be doing and was told that if it’s okay with me I would be on WnR! Ha, who would turn that down?

My first official WnR since July 17th, and that was a very much appreciated Surprise #2!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cute kids

The other night before crossing the border we were on the hunt for some dinner. Jade and I were in the back seat and had been talking about all kinds of interesting 2 yr old things. So when we started talking about where we should eat and what kind of food we were all in the mood for I suggested Wendy's. They have a great selection of things for only $1, from salads to sandwiches and even frosty's (a chocolate shake.) the conversation went something like this.

Gabe: Hey kids how about we eat at Wendy’s? I can get a salad and I can get you kids a hamburger or chicken nuggets, what would you kids like?

Jade: Daddy, I want a salad since I don't eat meat.

Gabe: Geez Jade, who have you been talking to?

Jade: You!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Mexico here we come…..

(Written on Fri. the 1st along the way, hoping to find a hotspot so I can post!)

We are getting picked up from Corpus Christie and the idea is to drive to McAllen to pack the van and spend the night before heading across the border at 4 am. That’s the plan anyways. It looks like it might happen. The kids are ready and anxious to get on the road. Quite frankly I am also.

It’s amazing how many things change and new things come up when you’re trying to tie up loose ends so that you can go. Well this trip was full of those. Just when I thought everything was done and were ready to go I find out about a whole other list of things we need to do or things we need to pick up to stuff in the already overloaded van. So we finally get to the apartment in McAllen where we were staying at nearly 11:00 pm. After a quick prayer we decide its better to sleep and then get up early to pack the van and head out and try to make the 14 hour trip to Veracruz in one day. So I get out the alarm clock, set it and put the kids to bed and head off to the land of dreams.

(Next morning Sat. the 2nd)

Something is nagging inside me telling me it’s time to get up…and in my dream I am thinking…”Nah, the alarm will go off.” (I set it for 6:00 am) So I remember rolling back over and ignoring the little voice inside. I don’t know how long later I am being woken up and informed that it’s nearly 8:00. I fly out of bed and am trying to figure out how I could have slept through the alarm, no wait, how the kids and everyone else also slept through the alarm. You all probably know the kind that just beeps and beeps and gets louder until you have to hit it with a sledge. My first thought it the batteries died. Nope it was still ticking. After careful examination I realized I forgot to push the little button to on. Can’t, for the life of me, remember when I forgot to not turn the alarm on while setting it. Oh well.

So the day begins with getting the kids up and fed and then we pack the van and are all ready to roll out the door and I am thinking, “Ok, if we’re across the border and get the visas by noon we could actually be home by 1:00 am if we drive hard.” Not to bad. We all load up and are on the road when I am informed of another stop we need to make and another list of things to pick up. WOW! That’s all I can say! So this is the beginning of the 3rd day of travel and I am still only 250 miles away from where I started at, for sure a new way to travel.

Most of you who know me and have seen me do my visa trips from Mexico know that I like the early (4:00 am) departures and 1,000 mile days. I mean why do a trip in two days if it can be done in one right? Okay Lord, so you’re teaching me to go slow. PTL! It’s now 2:00 pm and I am sitting on the grass outside Bestbuy trying to get on line to post yesterdays events. (Update: That didn’t end up happening…sorry for the delay in getting this up.)

Finally we are ready to cross the border and be on our way. Only need to get a visa for one person traveling with us. We crossed at the Pharr/Reynosa Bridge and it is now my new favorite crossing point. No lines at all. Border guards just sitting around bored out of their minds, and being it’s Sat. none of them wanted to get up and do any work so no inspections. TTL! So at 3:30 we head out to make the 14 hour trip home.

We are in Mexico.

After about 6 hours of driving and fast approaching Tampico, the first major city along way the discussion in the van begins to lean towards stopping for the night with the home there. Man, sometimes I just want to drive and drive. We had two drivers so in our reasoning we thought we could make it all the way with trading off. However, after a quick prayer the Lord told us it would be best to stop. So a few quick phone calls and we had the okay to stay at the home for the night. Armed with the directions and the allure of nice beds we were able to find our way through Tampico and the construction detours to arrive safely at the home. After some fun fellowship we bunked in for the night to resume our trip the following day.

A special thanks to the Tampico home for letting us stay. We love you guys! A special thanks to Anaik for the books for Jade. It was great meeting you and Micah. Wish I had more time to get to know you guys better.

(Sunday, the 3rd)

We awake this morning to find the rooms we are staying in covered in about two inches of water. Welcome back to the rainy season on the Mexican coast. Everything that I left on the floor was soaked…including poor Adrian and the foam mat he was sleeping on. After he woke up he thought it was great. Good for him for staying positive, I know if I had woken up in a pool of water I might have been out of sorts most of the day.

On the road again after a quick breakfast and prayer from the home for the rest of our trip, which went smoothly and pretty much uneventful.

I forgot how beautiful the Mexican coast is, with beaches along the road on the left and rolling hills and mountains on the right. Everything is lush green in between. So many types of tropical plants and trees, the most majestic of which being the coconut…at least along this stretch of road.

So we arrived home in Veracruz at 4:00 pm unloaded the van and then I took the kids to the beach. They have been waiting nearly two months since finding out they would be coming down to actually get here and get them to the beach. They had so much fun. We are planning on making it our home away from home.

If you have actually read till the end here I am impressed and know that I have better friends then one could ask for. I hope it was fun to read. I will keep new stuff coming more regularly now that I am home again with a dedicated connection. Good night!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


....Thanks for all your prayers! We arrived earlier today in Veracruz. I am wiped out so will post commentaries of our trip tomorrow; I know you all don't mind waiting while I catch some zees!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Travel changes and yard surfing!

So we made it to Corpus Christie Tx. last night to meet up with the rest of our team to start heading down to Veracruz today. At about 10:00 pm I got a call from the other half of our team and some things had come up so they hadn’t even left the border, to come get us yet. So since it’s a 3 hour trip we decided that waiting for them to arrive at 1:00 am then load up and get back to the border around 5:00 am was not really worth it. We all decided to get a good night sleep and make the pick up today.

Since we were at my dad's house the kids were thrilled to find out we would be spending the night at his house. They had been out in the yard playing with their Uncle Eli. He has invented a game which Adrian has called Yard Surfing. My brother pulls them along the grass on a boogie board and then over a big plastic blow up bottle to give them the effect of going over a wave. They did this for about an hour wiping both the kids and Uncle Eli. They have been doing this game with uncle Eli for over a year now every time we go visit, earning Eli a permanent place in their hearts and memories.

So I am writing this from a home on the border and LW we will be packing up tonight to leave early in the morning.

Just got news we will be leaving. TTL!