Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Childhood Friends

Daniel and Angie

Tonight the 31st of Oct is when most people celebrate Halloween, I celebrated long time friends. I spent the evening with Daniel and Angie, friends of mine from my childhood that I haven't seen in nearly 10 years. They have two adorable children, Claire who's 5 and Aaron who's 2. The kids dressed up and went trick or treating and I tagged along pulling them in the wagon. Afterwards we had a spaghetti dinner and talked late into the night. If was fun. I will leave you with some photos.

Aaron: The Pope

Claire: The Princess

Angie: The Witch

Carved Pumpkins

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Introducing.... Eli Rucker

Eli is the brother right above me in age. He is a great guy! Fun, intelligent, friendly and a favorite uncle to my kids, this guy is also a great cook. I have been spending the past couple days with him resting up from coming off the road. This evening he had some friends over and we BBQued his famous "Pork Chop Rolls" I am posting his "how to" video on how to make them along with some photos. Hope you enjoy. If any of you try this recipe leave a comment as to how you liked it. I know he would appreciate it!

Eli tenderizing the meat!

The coals burning.

The rolls on the rack.

Birthdays I missed...

So going three weeks with no Internet connection is a long time for some but I actually didn't mind the break. There are a couple of birthday's of note though that I need to highlight now that I am back online that transpired in the past three weeks.

Congratulations to Mike and Jessica on the birth of their son Alec. He was born on Oct 6th which is the same day as Mikes cool is that? He is an adorable looking kid and I am not too offended that I wasn't notified of the birth except by a comment left on my blog which I didn't see until today. Thanks Cel for letting me know!


The other Birthday is on the 19th of Oct. Happy Birthday to Anjie who has the wonderful blog, Descending Angel Anjie I hope you have a great new year and find all the happiness the Lord has to send your way. Anjie is a great friend and these past 3 weeks as I was out on the road without Family or Internet contact, she would call me each day to check up on me and make sure I was still inspired and keeping the vision. Thanks so much for that Anj, you'll never know what a great help and blessing you were and are.

Monday, October 29, 2007

This here blog....

Well since no one really cares about this blog I don't feel bad for not having been able to get to it lately. But for those of you who did keep checking back you're patience will be rewarded as I hope to be posting more regularly again.

HB2Y Elliot

Elliot I hope that you have a great new year. It's been great being able to hang out with you from time to time these past couple years. I know the kids really enjoy it're a great uncle and will make a good father one day.

Monday, October 08, 2007

For World Peace

Rodney Carrington - Show them to me

This video clip is rated "R" for language and nudity.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

HB2Y Mike

Well Mike, you are another year older. Just one more year till the big party we are going to throw for you. Congrats on all this past year has held for you and your soon to be born baby. I hope and pray this new year holds even more for you. Thanks for your friendship over the years. When I pass through we'll have to go out or something.

I was looking back over my archives and noticed that one year ago your B-day post was the first I had done on this blog which started the year of birthday posts. I have nearly 60 posts for B-days and so maybe I should slow down a bit and not post any this coming year. But then again where would the fun be in that?

Click Here for last years post!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Disclaimer: This post is just a "rant" so feel free to skip it if you like.

Okay so I live in Mexico, a country where haggling of prices and finding the bargain is the way business is done. It is known for it's corruption and the jacking up of prices for the "Gringo," oh that would be me. In a way it' fun, esp since I have lived in Mexico for so long I know all the tricks and usually make out with a good deal.

Now when I am in the U.S. I expect to go to a store and have the price of the item rung up at the register using the bar code and paying the price that the item has been marked. Sometimes people make mistakes and the item is advertised differently then the price that is rung up. When that happens it is customary for the store to sell the item to the customer at the advertised price, which is usually lower.

These past couple weeks I have been in EL Paso, a border town in the U.S. and have been surprised at how many times the local merchants have overcharged me for things. it's usually just 10-50 cents more and normally they catch it almost before I do.

The other day I go into a T-Mobile store to pay my phone bill. And the guy tells me that to pay there T-mobile will add a $5.00 processing fee. so I asked him when T-Mobile started charging their customers an extra $5.00 to pay their bills. I told him I thought that was a great way for them to lose business. He said that starting last month no matter how you pay your phone bill, over the phone, by mail or in a T-mobile store it would cost an additional $5.00. That on their website is the only way I wouldn't get charged.

To say the least I was very surprised and ready to switch phone carriers if that was the case. So I called T-Mobile customer service right there in his store from my phone and after 10 minutes on hold got to talk to a representative and they assured me that that was absolute nonsense, I would never be charged extra to pay my bill. So I payed over the phone with T-Mobile directly.

This one place where I have been getting my gas and sometimes drinks at has done it to me like 6 times. They ring the price up, $.99 for my tea then they cancel it out and type in $1.59 and the first time I didn't notice cuz I was paying for gas and a sandwich and so it got lost. The next day I bought just the tea and the cashier types in $1.59 with tax a total of $1.72 and I was like,
"Sir I thought those are $.99" "Nope it's $1.59" he tells me. I asked him to scan the bar code. He tells me he "won't because it will ring up at $.99" And so I ask, "then isn't that the price your supposed to sell it at?" "Nope the computers wrong!" So I go back to the cooler to see what the advertised price is as it's customary to honor that. Low and behold, no price advertised!

So I decide to go ahead and buy it. All that night I deliberated if I should bring it up to a manager the next day as I don't like to think people are getting "jacked" at the register. I decided to let it go. A couple days later I was in the same store getting gas and a drink and the same thing happens, with a different drink. So I asked to talk to the manager and explained what has been happening and was told that lots of items are coded wrong but that there's nothing they can do about it and so on. So I told them they should at least have a sign up explaining that to people or to advertise the prices at the item your buying. But I have not bought anything there anymore.

I am surprised though to see how many places here and how often they try to do that. I don't know if it's just a Mexican habit that they have ingrained in them or if it really is them just trying to squeeze a bit more out of people when they can.

All that to say, when staying in El Paso keep an eye on what they ring up and check your receipt.

Monday, October 01, 2007


"BooYA Baby, I'll take all three!"

It's Germany. This two week tradition of celebrating beer is something that one day I hope to attend.

Growing up in the Sates I couldn't stand beer and the way it's made here. I was told by Tim Streams (French Canadian) when I was 19 that beer is an acquired taste and that's exactly how it was for me. It wasn't until I moved to Europe and sampling some of Europe's finest that I developed a liking to beer. I still have a hard time with weak American domestic beers, but give me an Amstel Gold or any other good international beer and I am good to go.