Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthdays I missed...

So going three weeks with no Internet connection is a long time for some but I actually didn't mind the break. There are a couple of birthday's of note though that I need to highlight now that I am back online that transpired in the past three weeks.

Congratulations to Mike and Jessica on the birth of their son Alec. He was born on Oct 6th which is the same day as Mikes birthday....how cool is that? He is an adorable looking kid and I am not too offended that I wasn't notified of the birth except by a comment left on my blog which I didn't see until today. Thanks Cel for letting me know!


The other Birthday is on the 19th of Oct. Happy Birthday to Anjie who has the wonderful blog, Descending Angel Anjie I hope you have a great new year and find all the happiness the Lord has to send your way. Anjie is a great friend and these past 3 weeks as I was out on the road without Family or Internet contact, she would call me each day to check up on me and make sure I was still inspired and keeping the vision. Thanks so much for that Anj, you'll never know what a great help and blessing you were and are.


Rosita said...

Anj is the best... she's beautiful, sexy, fun, and sooo sweet!
Just had to tell you again Anj... love you!

Anjie said...

Thanks Hun for the sweet posting.And Remembering my bday, had a great time hanging with u.
Rosita thanks for the comment too. Your such a sweety.