Sunday, May 06, 2012


A few hours ago saw the rise of this years "supermoon" or perigee moon. I am sure each of you saw it or read about it and I am posting about it just to remember it here on my blog.

The Moon's distance varies each month between approximately 357,000 kilometers (222,000 mi) and 406,000 km (252,000 mi) due to its elliptical orbit around the Earth (distances given are center-to-center). The size and brightness of an object follows an inverse-square law, which means that a full moon at perigee is 12% larger and 30% brighter than an average full moon. However, because the offset of the moon's orbit versus its phases is only two days, this change in appearance is gradual from month to month and therefore is not usually noticeable to a casual observer.

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