Thursday, May 27, 2010

In the News...

United Airlines is being sued after a passenger falls asleep and then gets left on the locked plane for hours. Click here for the full article.

She is suing for false imprisonment, emotional distress and negligence. Either that woman is a very deep sleeper or she had a sleeping pill.

I understand that it is the crews responsibility to ensure the safety of the passengers while on the plane and that they should have done a better job at making sure the flight was cleared to zero at their destination.

If she wins I bet airfares will rise to account for the rush of people who will also try this in the future.

Man, if I had trouble getting from point A to Point B on my own maybe I should travel with a baby sitter to make sure I know how to set my alarm as to the arrival time.


Yup, that's what happened to the window on my van.

I spent the evening with my brother Eli who is working in town. I went over to his hotel and we had a nice chicken salad dinner and then watched a movie. at about 10 pm I came out to the van to drive home and BAM... found out that I had been robbed.

Now this it the part where you start looking around the car to see whats missing and so far everything was there. They even left the Ipod right on the front seat with shattered glass all around it. Originally the Ipod was on the floor between the two front seats so it was out of sight, which made me wonder why they left it on the seat. So I kept looking trying to find out what they took. Low and behold the GPS was gone... and alas it was borrowed. What an experience.

So we talked to the front desk and they told us the story of what happened as pieced together by security video footage and an eye witness account.

The thief was attempting to pop the lock and accidentally broke the window, the noise got the attention of another hotel guest in the parking lot and asked what the thief was doing he grabbed the GPS and took off not looking for anything else and pulled the Ipod (which was plugged into the same charger) up onto the seat as he was making his getaway. The guest reported it to the front desk and they called the police.

So by the time I came down the police were just arriving and when we found out the GPS was the target the police cautioned me explaining that thief's target GPS units, not for what they are worth but to get the HOME address listed in the GPS and then they go rob that house knowing that you are not there.

I explained to the cop that if this thief tries that he would be biting off more than he could chew, since the GPS was borrowed the home address is not mine and everyone in that house packs heat. I wouldn't want to mess with those folks. I pray the thief is not that stupid.

But then whose the stupid one? I think I must be for having left the GPS visible...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Staging A Comeback...

I have been thinking for awhile now about this blog and reflecting on what it meant to me in the past. When I started it it was to help me have a place to record my journey into the new life I had found myself in right after my divorce. I wanted to have a record of the new me. I was able to do that for some time, I met some amazing people, and have developed some eternal friendship all within these posts.

Then I was introduced to.... Facebook.

And this blog died...

In Facebook I have found the social satisfaction of getting in touch with former friends and meeting new ones, of getting in touch with relatives and meeting new ones. I have gotten lost in it's world of quizzes and games and have had fun along the way, and I have probably wasted more time there then I would like to admit to.

However I haven't experienced there the depth that I felt here, I almost feel as if a year of my journey is gone. Which is sad as the journey has been a good one with lot's of up's and down's, good days and bad days. My journey has been filled with love and laughter, with a new wife and more kids. It has been a story worth telling and keeping a record of.

So I would like to announce the comeback of this blog. I hope that it can be what it once was and that no matter what your reason to stop by and visit you will enjoy seeing this side of me. If you don't then I wish you well on your journey as you experience yours.