Monday, September 24, 2007


So yesterday marked the first day of Autumn or more commonly known as "Fall." I would imagine that it's referred to as that due to all the falling leaves at this time of the year. I personally haven't lived in an area where the leaves change a thousands shades from burgundy red to pale yellow and everything in between. Where I grew up in Texas by the mid-summer most leaves are already brown so all they do in autumn is "fall." This year I was presently surprised that things were so green for so long and producing some nice color now.

My first few days of Fall have reflected the photo above. Lots of sun mixed with clouds, along with the rain in different parts of the city, all aiding in the hundreds of rainbows I have seen in the past week. With the mixture of mountains and desert the sunsets here in El Paso have been spectacular, I had forgotten how lovely desert sunsets are.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Hey Ia, I know your away at the Core right now so don't know when you'll see this but I am praying for you and I am hoping they threw you a great party there for your Birthday. I hope and pray you have a great new year. Thanks for always being ready to offer prayer and or advice it is always a strength and encouragement to talk to you.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

HB2Y Jeremy

Happy Birthday Jeremy. I hope and pray that this new year is a great one for you! I am glad to count you my friend. I will give you a call in a few days!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

El Paso

I am in the mountainous city of El Paso Texas fundraising. Internet is hard to come by thus my absence here. The Lord has supplied a place to stay and I have eaten at least once a day. The Lord also worked it out for me to spend a day with my mom whom I hadn't seen in nearly 5 years. Our God is good!!!

It's been going slow with the fundraising and I have encountered setbacks. `I know the Lord is going to do it but I would like to ask if you would keep me in your prayers. Even if you pray just once when you read this it will be a help. Thanks, I am praying for you!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

HB2Y Adina Joline

Congratulations Andrew and Agnes on the birth of your beautiful new babe, Adina Joline. Agnes we are praying for your recovery to be quick and smooth with no problems. I Love You Guys!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thought – Delinquent Blogger?

What Is a "Delinquent Blogger?"

One of my friends wrote me lately after about a week of not posting and asked me why I was being a delinquent blogger. I have also seen this on different blogs I read where the one posting states that they "have been a delinquent blogger." It seems to be the general understanding that if you don't post in awhile you're "delinquent!"

I got to thinking though, what about it makes it "delinquent" if someone is not able to post for awhile?

I thought I knew what "delinquent" meant but concluded it prudent to look it up before rambling on about it's meaning. and in a nutshell this is what I found.

Adjective: delinquent di'lingkwunt
1. Guilty of a misdeed
"delinquent minors"
2. Failing in what duty requires
"delinquent in his duty" - derelict, neglectful, remiss
3. Past due; not paid at the scheduled time
"a delinquent account" - overdue
Noun: delinquent di'lingkwunt

1. A young offender
- juvenile delinquent

Of all those meanings the one that I felt could most easy be applied to a blog is the "neglect to duty" one.

The thing is my blog is not a is my hobby. A way to hopefully cheer up you day and bring a smile to your face, or to get you to think...LOL!

I have made no commitments to my readers, my blog or myself that I would post a certain amount or with any sort of frequency. The only commitment I have ever made for this blog is that it would stay positive, so if I am neglecting that then I could say I was being delinquent.

I would really like to hear what you guys think about this...esp you other blogger's.

I did an image search for "delinquent blogger" on Google just to see what I would was fun to see some photos of people I know... Don't worry guys I am not picking on you. I love you guys dearly.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rulers of Tomorrow

So Adrian is away at camp and tonight I got the link to the blog that has been set up for them with all the activities and photos from the camp. So anyone who is interested can check it out by going to Rulers of Tomorrow. In the photo Adrian is the one with the nametag on his forehead...that's so him.

My Home

This is all of us in the Veracruz home this past summer!

Monday, September 10, 2007

About the Kids

Tomorrow I head out on the road to do some fundraising and in so doing I leave my kids back in their home after having had them with me for the summer. I am so blessed and thankful for the times the Lord gives me with them. I will leave you with some random photos from our summer.
A photo of us the day before traveling home.

Jade playing nurse.

Jade dressed as a fireman.

Adrian rock climbing.

Today I dropped Adrian off at his first MC camp for 4 days of camping and activities. As soon as we got there he disappeared with friends and I hardly saw him the next 4 hours I was there hanging out. I saw some old friends and met some new ones, it was a good day.

Before going to camp Adrian had his hair cut and so asked me to post his barber joke that he told me the other day. So this is for you Buddy, I love you have fun.

There were 5 barbers living and working on one street and they often argued who was the better barber.

One morning the barbers arrived at work to find that one of them put up a sign for all to see "Best Barber in Town."

The second morning barber #2 had a sign up that read "Best Barber in the Country"

The third morning barber #3's sign read "Best Barber in the World"

The fourth morning barber #4's sign read "Best Barber in the Universe"

All day of the fourth day the fifth and last barber pondered what he could ever say to get a word in being as it didn't seem there was higher to go. That evening he stayed up late making his sign which read,

"Best Barber on this Street!!"

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thought – Sweet Water

There are many things in life that happen to us that cause friction in our interactions with others, sometimes on a daily basis or maybe just one particular individual. It could be an unkind word or act, an accident or even a look. These things are not usually pleasant for either person(s) involved and usually end up leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

While talking with someone the other day about the way people (namely me) react to those frictions plays a big role in the interactions that follow. It was brought up that it might help to look at our interactions with others like a glass with water in it, likely to get bumped and spilled. Although water when spilled is easy to clean up and not likely to leave a stain the only thing that has happened is a very temporary mess (mistake or blunder). The thing is if your glass is filled with sweet water, the water that gets spilled would be sweet water, thus helping to bring sweetness into the situation even if it’s messy.

So strive to be filled with sweet water so that when bumped you can share it's sweetness with others. And pray for me that I can make progress in learning this lesson.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

HB2Y Jessica Elena

Jessica Elena, you are a very bad girl...LOL! I was looking through the MO site for a photo of you to post and found not one single one. How does someone as nice as you manage to keep all your photos private? (That's not a trick I have gotten along with you since we met and have seen you go through a lot and you have seen me go through a lot. Sometimes neighbors can be closer to you then those who even live in your own home. Thanks neighbor for always being there. I hope you have a great New Year and that the changes the Lord is doing in your lives will be wonderful. will be so far away. Big Hugs and a great big hello to your man for me.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Enjoying the Journey

Most of you who know me well or have traveled with me on long trips can testify that I am a "no-nonsense" "pedal to the metal" driver. When I have places I need to go I like to just "git' r' done", I have often and easily done 1500 km trips in a day.

On Wednesday I started the trip from Veracruz to Central Texas (1650 km) to take the kids back to their home. When praying about the trip the Lord told me to "take it slow and enjoy the journey with the kids, so that your last few days would be pleasant times together!" So the trip that normally takes me one to one and a half days has taken me four.

5 hour legs of the trip become 8-9 hours, 8 hour legs of the trip became 13 and at the end of the day I was more tired then usual. But in exchange we had long lunch breaks, one of them being on a beautifully deserted beach, time spent enjoying homes and friends along the way, a relaxed and unpressed border crossing and excellent quality time with the kids. I needed that!

So sometimes it's good to get there and I am learning that sometimes it's better to enjoy the way in which we do. Safe and enjoyable travels to all of you.