Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thought – Delinquent Blogger?

What Is a "Delinquent Blogger?"

One of my friends wrote me lately after about a week of not posting and asked me why I was being a delinquent blogger. I have also seen this on different blogs I read where the one posting states that they "have been a delinquent blogger." It seems to be the general understanding that if you don't post in awhile you're "delinquent!"

I got to thinking though, what about it makes it "delinquent" if someone is not able to post for awhile?

I thought I knew what "delinquent" meant but concluded it prudent to look it up before rambling on about it's meaning. and in a nutshell this is what I found.

Adjective: delinquent di'lingkwunt
1. Guilty of a misdeed
"delinquent minors"
2. Failing in what duty requires
"delinquent in his duty" - derelict, neglectful, remiss
3. Past due; not paid at the scheduled time
"a delinquent account" - overdue
Noun: delinquent di'lingkwunt

1. A young offender
- juvenile delinquent

Of all those meanings the one that I felt could most easy be applied to a blog is the "neglect to duty" one.

The thing is my blog is not a is my hobby. A way to hopefully cheer up you day and bring a smile to your face, or to get you to think...LOL!

I have made no commitments to my readers, my blog or myself that I would post a certain amount or with any sort of frequency. The only commitment I have ever made for this blog is that it would stay positive, so if I am neglecting that then I could say I was being delinquent.

I would really like to hear what you guys think about this...esp you other blogger's.

I did an image search for "delinquent blogger" on Google just to see what I would was fun to see some photos of people I know... Don't worry guys I am not picking on you. I love you guys dearly.


Anonymous said...

I've also noticed the term "delinquent blogger" here and there and well always thought the word was a bit to strong to use in that context, I mean blogging is something you do in your free time, not some sort of sacred duty, right!? Glad to hear someone say something about it too...

whacky said...

Amen to that!
Now I'm going to do the search to see whose names come up. :-P

Rosita said...

But, I'll have to admit, that having a blog the "pressure's" always there, to where you feel like you must post in order to keep up and everyone begins to expect you to post often.
For me, it's important to sit back and realize that this is just that - a hobby - and one that I can stop at any time (if I so choose or the Lord shows me) and not something that I all of a sudden have to feel "obligated" to take part in, as just another duty to add to the growing list.
But, I'll be the first to admit Gabe, that of all the bloggers I know, you are the most frequent to post, and you most certainly have kept up to your commitment to keep this a positive blog.... why else would I frequent it so much with my little time, lol.
Keep it up Man!

Nyx Martinez said...

Of course, the term is also jokingly used, ha.

Nyx Martinez said...

Oops. Posted that comment before I clicked your search, hahaha.

...Uh, LTC was kind of a duty, ehehe.

Gabe said...

I LOve you and in no way was picking on you. I just smiled when I saw it. Big Hug.

Thanks for your comments everyone...

Wild Flower said...

Amen to that! Blogging is a hobby. Before anyone starts blogging, they should have an idea of what they want to pass to other's through their blog, and stick to that. Its good to have quality, instead of quantity.
OH, you do post quite often, though. Maybe thats why people expect it of you. I like your blog...always good for a smile. Good post.

Wild Flower said...

Nice picture there, Nyx.

CrazyGurl said...

Or people could say something along the lines of: "'ve been a very VERY naughty little boy!" =D

Ruth Cortejos said...

Dormant perhaps???