Monday, September 24, 2007


So yesterday marked the first day of Autumn or more commonly known as "Fall." I would imagine that it's referred to as that due to all the falling leaves at this time of the year. I personally haven't lived in an area where the leaves change a thousands shades from burgundy red to pale yellow and everything in between. Where I grew up in Texas by the mid-summer most leaves are already brown so all they do in autumn is "fall." This year I was presently surprised that things were so green for so long and producing some nice color now.

My first few days of Fall have reflected the photo above. Lots of sun mixed with clouds, along with the rain in different parts of the city, all aiding in the hundreds of rainbows I have seen in the past week. With the mixture of mountains and desert the sunsets here in El Paso have been spectacular, I had forgotten how lovely desert sunsets are.


Wild Flower said...

Beautiful picture. I haven't seen a rainbow like that since I was a kid. Here in Brasil its actually turning Spring now...the opposite.
Funny world.

silverwaters said...

Wow, that picture is spectacular. So much color and texture. It's all about golden, reds and browns here too, but not like that!

Anonymous said...

in finland fall is beautiful, the leaves fall and turn a thousand shades, like you said.....thats a really nice picture