Monday, September 10, 2007

About the Kids

Tomorrow I head out on the road to do some fundraising and in so doing I leave my kids back in their home after having had them with me for the summer. I am so blessed and thankful for the times the Lord gives me with them. I will leave you with some random photos from our summer.
A photo of us the day before traveling home.

Jade playing nurse.

Jade dressed as a fireman.

Adrian rock climbing.

Today I dropped Adrian off at his first MC camp for 4 days of camping and activities. As soon as we got there he disappeared with friends and I hardly saw him the next 4 hours I was there hanging out. I saw some old friends and met some new ones, it was a good day.

Before going to camp Adrian had his hair cut and so asked me to post his barber joke that he told me the other day. So this is for you Buddy, I love you have fun.

There were 5 barbers living and working on one street and they often argued who was the better barber.

One morning the barbers arrived at work to find that one of them put up a sign for all to see "Best Barber in Town."

The second morning barber #2 had a sign up that read "Best Barber in the Country"

The third morning barber #3's sign read "Best Barber in the World"

The fourth morning barber #4's sign read "Best Barber in the Universe"

All day of the fourth day the fifth and last barber pondered what he could ever say to get a word in being as it didn't seem there was higher to go. That evening he stayed up late making his sign which read,

"Best Barber on this Street!!"


Rosita said...

Now that IS funny, Adrian!

Rosita said...

And you were right Gabe!
That IS the best you have looked in any photo I've seen.
In fact, I would say that you have sex appeal there... I mean down right HOT... hehe.
Okay, enough of that.

Ali said...

I like your sense of humor, Adrian, make you come back once in while to keep your dad's blog funny. XXOXOXO