Saturday, September 01, 2007

Enjoying the Journey

Most of you who know me well or have traveled with me on long trips can testify that I am a "no-nonsense" "pedal to the metal" driver. When I have places I need to go I like to just "git' r' done", I have often and easily done 1500 km trips in a day.

On Wednesday I started the trip from Veracruz to Central Texas (1650 km) to take the kids back to their home. When praying about the trip the Lord told me to "take it slow and enjoy the journey with the kids, so that your last few days would be pleasant times together!" So the trip that normally takes me one to one and a half days has taken me four.

5 hour legs of the trip become 8-9 hours, 8 hour legs of the trip became 13 and at the end of the day I was more tired then usual. But in exchange we had long lunch breaks, one of them being on a beautifully deserted beach, time spent enjoying homes and friends along the way, a relaxed and unpressed border crossing and excellent quality time with the kids. I needed that!

So sometimes it's good to get there and I am learning that sometimes it's better to enjoy the way in which we do. Safe and enjoyable travels to all of you.


Sylvia said...

Hi Gabe, this is off the subject. My blog got screwed up. Don't know why. I looked at it one day and it just looked weird. I tried copying and pasting the template HTML again, but it didn't do the trick. Can you look at it, maybe you'll figure out what went wrong. Help!

Teeny said...


I suddenly feel so hurt...

Gabe doesn't love me *weeps in tongues*

The Roser Place said...

Wow, I am so happy, that your trip was good. You deserve it.
Have a good time and come back in "good time". Love you Hana

thisisme said...

Dude, thats a sweet picture... reminds me of home... sigh.

Gabe said...

I said a prayer for you on your birthday....the 1st right...while I was traveling. I told you last time I saw you I don't post photos of people who forbid me to, ahem. Feel Loved and Happy Belated Birthday.

Teeny said...

Hey, I said you could post one...excuses!! Hehe.
But I lahve yah anyway. Thanks for your prayers! xxx