Sunday, August 26, 2007

HB2Y Olive

Olive Oyl was the female character in the popular 1930's cartoon strips of "Popeye: The Sailor." Popeye, the main character and hero of the show would compete with Brutus, the likable villain for the affection and attention of Olive. Both characters would justify their often wrong and inappropriate actions as doing so "for the love of Olive." So when you hear someone say, "For the love of Olive" you know they are acting with their loved one in mind.

Today is my Olive's birthday, this is my letter to her.

Dear, you came into my life when I wasn't looking for anyone. I was closed off to others and cynical in all areas involving love and true giving of ones self. Lot's of people talk about hurts they have gone through and emotional traumas. It's good they can talk about it with people. I never have been able to... I was very content in staying closed and hard so that I couldn't be hurt again. I didn't want to be open to feeling again, I didn't want to be open to passion, knowing that to be open meant the possibility of hurt.

But then you came into my life and we decided to take the chance of not holding anything back, of not have all the fronts and walls to protect ourselves, to love with "no limits." At first the feelings I felt and felt from you I brushed off as excitement of getting to know someone new. Then as time went on and I felt them deep in my soul and they began to take root I started to accept them for what they were. They began to revitalize me and heal the broken parts of my heart. They helped me to breath. I began to feel alive and began to believe...

Time has past and our situations have changed and we don't spend as much time together as we once did. But I will live forever and I can wait as long as it takes for us to continue getting to know each other together in the Lord's perfect time. I know you go through a lot and I pray for you often...that the Lord be by your side always holding you as you grow so lovely and beautifully into the person He is causing you to be.

Your strength and encouragement coupled with your love has helped me reach out to others and has given me back hope that there are people out there who need my love, just as I need theirs.

Thank you Olive for being yielded to the Lord and open to what He did in our lives...which has helped me to begin to heal. I will always love you!

I don't have a way to get you a birthday gift so here is a rose for's wrapped with all the love in my heart that the Lord has given me for you!


whacky said...

So beautiful! God bless you, Gabe! Am praying for you... xxx

Anonymous said...

Gabe, wow getting to know you some, the real you! Sounds like you and Olive aren't together anymore, sorry man!

Gabe said...

Thanks for the prayers.

For Olive and I to not be "together anymore" we would have first needed to be "together" so since we were never "together" not a whole lot has changed.
I am not sorry, so you shouldn't be either.
We (Olive and I) have shared what the Lord has wanted us to, what was meant to be has been. If more should come, it will! And if not then I trust the Lord in giving us all He did.

Babylove said...

Happy B'day to Olive too. Tx for informing my ignoramous person what an "Olive" is. I'm not sure I could handle the amount of "focused passion" you write with. It's somehow heartwarming to hear a grown man write like that!

And I have not died, Gabe, just lost all use of a computer. And it's 5 weeks tills #6 pops! Praying 4 ya!

Wild Flower said...

Focused passion? I guess that means when you're focusing all the passion in your heart towards something or someone...makes sense.
Love can throw a grown man to it's knees...and surprize everybody.
Very beautiful post, I pray you both are finding the Lords highest will in your lives. Like you said above...we will live forever.

Rosita said...

Ah, what a splendour love is!

Gabe said...

Ha, I didn't think you had died, but it is nice to hear from you. Congrats on the wee one on the way, I know you don't post anymore so you going to send me photos right? Thanks for the prayers and am praying for you. Glad the Lord used me to warm your heart ;-)

Wild Flower,
I have noticed that even when your focusing all the love that you think you have the Lord always gives you more to share with others. I thank the Lord for my expierience with Olive as through that I have become open to love others as well.

Impetuous Lady said...

I just read this again and wanted you to know that this is one BEAUTIFUL letter and it has an amazing spirit.
Just reading it is helping me to heal too...
LY Gabe