Saturday, August 25, 2007

CTP's with the Kids.

I have been involving the kids into the weekly CTP's that I do of our food distribution. I think is so important that children learn early the joy of giving. We give away twice a week, one day is fruits and veggies and the other is bread and bakery goods. Adrian has been a real help to me in the pickups and has made lots of friends at the markets.

Jade is such a little giver, she loves to give. It touches my heart to see how concerned she is to be on the team to give the food away. The other day while in the neighbourhood where we drop the food off she saw a little girl with messy hair and she asked if she could give the girl her hair elastic since she has lots of them. What could I say but "Sure Sweetie!?"

Here are some photos from our food run this morning.
Jade and Adrian all ready to go!

Adrian and I unloading. (Photo by Jade)

Jade carrying a cake.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute! That cake looks almost half the size of Jade.