Saturday, October 06, 2007

HB2Y Mike

Well Mike, you are another year older. Just one more year till the big party we are going to throw for you. Congrats on all this past year has held for you and your soon to be born baby. I hope and pray this new year holds even more for you. Thanks for your friendship over the years. When I pass through we'll have to go out or something.

I was looking back over my archives and noticed that one year ago your B-day post was the first I had done on this blog which started the year of birthday posts. I have nearly 60 posts for B-days and so maybe I should slow down a bit and not post any this coming year. But then again where would the fun be in that?

Click Here for last years post!

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CurlyCel said...

Hey, did you hear Gabe? Mike and Jess had their baby on the 6th - (which, as you know, is Mike's B-day too). A little boy they named Alec. - Like father like son. ;)