Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yesterday I started the trip down to Mexico from central Texas with Adrian and Jade who are going to be with me again this summer.
Although the first leg of our journey was only a three hour drive just ten minutes from the kids grandparents house our adventures began in earnest.
One of the tires on the truck shredded and no jack left us waiting in a parking lot in the heat of the day until the jack did arrive. God Bless Kieth who came to our rescue lending us his jack.
Thankfully we had shade and the wind was blowing, so with our fresh stock of ice water we managed fine.
After about an hour of waiting though the kids started getting anxious and so had to bribe them with going to the movies to help them keep their spirits high.
So as promised today I took them to see Kung-Fu Panda which they both thoroughly enjoyed while laughing the whole way through.

I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings

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