Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bacardi 151 -A Flaming Review?

From time to time I do a post on my recent enjoyment of the "spirits" and this is one like that but with a warning label.

As you can see on the label it says in bold red letter's, WARNING: FLAMMABLE SEE BACK OF LABEL. The back goes on to explain that it's best to keep it away from open flame and things that can cause it to ignite. Well to be honest that's exactly why I got it. I was in the mood to do flaming shots.

Yup, flaming shots! You serve it up, light it on purpose and while the drink is flaming you drink it. Of course you take caution not to burn you lips or hold the flame in your mouth too long and is not something that is for everyone.

But my caution to you my reader is not about the flames or the fact it will catch fire, but rather the extreme potency of this type of alcohol. I have had many drinking partners over the years and have seen many a person hit hard by the drinks they have... but this stuff was CRAZY!!

I drank a fair amount of shots and was a little irritated that I didn't even feel a buzz... but if you are used to drinking hard and often I would not recommend more then four shots of this stuff. If you are a feather weight or don't drink often you should limit yourself to ONLY one!!

If you have any doubt at all, just pass it up. I will most likely get it again but will never be so generous again with the shots I give out.

On a final note to those who were hit hard by it, I am truly sorry I was the causing factor of your discomfort and pain and for next time will bring a milder bottle for you!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that stuff looks intense. You were visiting that home? Did you get in trouble for getting them all sick?

Cindy said...

I have been there myself, on your end. Everyone was so sick, I felt so bad and although I drank a lot more than they did, I was thankfully able to care for the sick. Many bars in Cal. refuse to sell it to you if you are under 25.P.S. I stumbled onto your blog, and enjoyed it very much.