Monday, June 23, 2008

The Truck

I was thankful that just before I rejoined I was able to purchase the truck for the home in Veracruz as it was a big blessing while there as well as faithful on on the trips that I made while there.
Having rejoined in that home I didn't intend to keep the truck when I moved on but rather was excited to be able to really forsake all and experience that aspect of Family life. So the past few days I have been communicating with the Veracruz home as to how to get the truck back to them as they had graciously lent it to me for my last fundraising trip before moving on.
They explained to me that they were going to sell the truck along with some other vehicles in the home to get a better newer one. So they asked if I would want to buy it back and after praying about it I did.
So TTL the truck I had forsaken has found it's way back to me and my new home so that it can continue to be a blessing to the Lord's work.
So I start down in the morning to Mexico and to my new home. Thanks everyone for your prayers.


Wild Flower said...

That's great, Gabe. You got your truck back. Life is pretty crazy!

Wild Flower said...
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