Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mac n' Cheese

Let me start with a Disclaimer to all those I know I will offend, “Just get up and get over it!!!!” This post will not be politically correct...

With that out of the way I can move on to the present topic, good ol’ Mac n’ Cheese. Yup, that yellow, orangey sticky goop that sticks to the roof of your mouth almost as good as peanut butter does.

Now I have never really been a fan of Mac n Cheese being that as I grew up I associated it with the ultimate in low income living. I mean when that welfare check comes in each month and you are able to go to the local grocers and feed your family of 8 on $3.84 being it’s only $.48 a box throw in a couple or reheated hotdogs from the Sunday morning cookout over at the local church and you got your self some good Italian eating there. It just didn’t really “tickle my fancy.”

But it’s not just that as for the reason I don’t like it, I truly don’t like the refined processed taste of rubber noodles and chalky cheese powder. So I could never understand people’s fascination with it. I mean from Sonics Mac n’ Cheese tot’s to Cici’s Mac n’ Cheese pizza it always seemed so “hic” to me. Now when I say "hic" the picture below describes my definition of it..

So you’re probably wondering why I am even posting about it if I don’t like it, well the other day I was inclined to eat some as that was the only thing in the house of the person I was visiting. And it was a little “pop in the micro” bowl and so I figured it’s a quick and easy meal all of 3 minutes to make….and I was feeling lazy. And you know, it actually tasted good, I enjoyed all 8 oz. of it.

So the next night when I was hungry at about 11:00 pm I was on the phone with a friend and was talking about the Mac n Cheese as I was contemplating cooking up a box of it, she stated she like Mac n Cheese a lot so I figured I would go for it. Of course I had forgotten that this is the same friend that buys the kids meal corndog at Hooters because she “likes the way it taste”

Well the second night in a row for Mac n Cheese was a mistake, hit like a brick, I got indigestion and didn’t feel like eating anything the next day. I mean I am not a cook so maybe I prepared it wrong. I mean I boiled the water and added the noodles and then the pack of chalky cheese powder…where, oh where did I go wrong?

But hey it seems like millions of people love the stuff so “Long Live Mac n Cheese!!”

I can’t believe I have stooped so low as to blog about this…I think it’s time to close this blog! I hope ya’ll enjoyed it!


Anjie said...

Hum, Yup! I have to say I'm really not a friend to the Mac n cheese family either.. I was raised in Italy and other parts of Europe and believe me they never even made a dish like that. It's an all American meal. It took me years to get use to it once I moved here. But when it's the best thing you've got coming to you and being as it was "pasta" of some kind, I adapted myself to it.. as a kid. Now, on occasion sure I'll eat a few bites. But it's really not my all time favorite, sorry. I have to say lot's of kids do like it though. So our family adopted our own way of making it more real and more tasty.

kathy said...

hahahaha aw man......kill it! kill it now!.....gosh. an they say its could they? someday, gabe i will make you macaroni and cheese the real way! heh! till then, my friend. :D