Tuesday, January 30, 2007


1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila...floor. That’s a famous saying this side of the world about tequila and its strength. Well That doesn’t work for me as those who have drank with me can testify…(right Joe) Don’t get me wrong tequila can be very good, but like with most any types of alcohol the quality varies.

The other day I was shopping for some alcohol to help expand my mini bar and in the tequila section I was looking at some brands I had never tried before when I came across these two bottles, one flavored orange and one flavored tamarindo (a local Mexican fruit.) Since it said on the bottle that it’s 100% Agave (the cactus plant from which tequila is made from) I figured it would be pretty good quality. I was shocked to see the price was only about $3 USD, I thought for sure it had been marked wrong.

So I got a bottle of each and when I got home I tried the orange flavored one and it wasn’t half bad. It didn’t have the smooth texture of the really expensive tequilas but I concluded I did well on the purchase.

I gave the tamarindo flavored one away to someone in the home. A few nights’ later he brings me the bottle and says, “Have you tasted this?” I told him that “I had tried the orange one and it was pretty good.” He pulled out a shot glass and said, “Have a shot!” So I did. OMG, it was foul and totally wretched. It was totally different than the orange one!

So for all my friends living here in Mexico I am here to tell you NOT to ever buy Don Marco brand tamarindo flavored tequila. (Orange is ok)


Mike said...

I guess you get what you pay for!

Gabe said...

You sure do!

Babylove said...

Cute, If I could choose between the two I would have (sadly) gotten the tamarindo one, I really get a kick out of it when you spend money on something really really morbid. My bro-in-law would bring back almendrado (spelling?) almond tequilla of the God's, man!! Yummola!!

CrazyGurl said...

ahahahahah....that's funny!! Nice you have a little mini bar going!

I'd love to try a real mexican magarita...I've heard they are the best ;-P