Saturday, February 03, 2007

Food and Feasting

There is always a debate in homes as to what meal of the day is the most important. Many say Breakfast is and eat huge obscene amounts of food, while others say its not good to eat breakfast at all unless it’s something like “Wheaties- the Breakfast of champions,” and still others prefer the “Fit For Life” way of just fruits before noon.

Now, I am not trying to start a debate here, I am just going to tell you about me…LOL! I am not so much of a breakfast eater in general or if I do I try to stick to just fruit, something light. However if I feel like eating I do, I often am just not hungry yet. But if you put me anywhere near a Golden Corral breakfast buffet I can do some serious damage.

I am talking about food as today I was the cook for all three meals. This is unusual since I am not a cook, however I do try.

This is a photo of the “Breakfast of Champions” that I served this morning. Simple, yet with something for everyone. It was scrambled eggs, croissants, papaya (the only thing I ate) and homemade apple pie. Thanks Joy, for making the pies.

Lunch was hotdogs…no need to talk about those.

Dinner was Mojarras, a fish that we eat quite a bit here. The funny thing is that the mojarras that are caught here in Veracruz are exported to the States so the ones we eat are imported from China where they are grown in fish farms. Go Figure.

Chinese Fish Farm Village

Well it’s quite the job since we get the fish whole they need to be cleaned and gutted, their heads removed then frozen until we use them. Once they are thawed I marinated them for about six hours before deep frying them whole. This went along with mashed potatoes and a side salad.

Everyone ate so I guess the home will live another day.

Sunday we begin our Feasting days thru Thursday. I am so looking forward to it since I missed the last two being I wasn’t in the Fam. for them. So this will be my last post till Friday at the earliest. Hope you enjoy the links and they keep you busy. Feel free to comment even though I won’t be getting back to you till later next week.



Vyx said...

looking at what you made for Breakfast made me me hungry. you cook better than me.

Babylove said...

Breakfast is the meal of the day, I'd say. I saw the plate & then read the menu & when I saw croissants on the list I first thought that the pie was some mangled Mexico version of a croissant. ??? SO glad I was wrong. Somehow that pic looks like Mexico. Maybe the deep blue plate & yellow & orange.

I know I've said it before, love the food posts. GBY, with the fish there. I've never gutted one. WOuld love 2 learn. Friend does it for sashimi's sake.

Jenny said...

Looks like a great meal! Congratulations! But what happened to the hot dogs? (Check out my last post to see why I am asking.) ;)

Gabe said...

Hmmm...Jenny, your story is pretty funny! I am going to back link your article to my hotdogs comment on my blog. The reason I didn't talk about mine is becasue hot dogs are striaghtforward and nothing should go that wrong. There was nothing to tell about mine so I am glad you did. ROFL!

Gabe said...

Babylove, you are so right...the colors of the breakfast plate and items do make it look very Mexican in artistic style. Seems they have a flare for unique color combinations here.