Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mini Bar Additions

My brother Jason gave me $20 bucks this past week for an addition to my mini bar. Thanks Jason!!

I had to get the Smirnoff Vodka and the Conti is almond liqueur. I tried that on vanilla ice cream the other night, very nice!

I am thinking of throwing a party, would anyone like to come? We have an empty house at the moment so there's plenty of room.


Babylove said...

Ooohhh, Me, me, pick ME!! (Waves both hands violently) Man that Almond liquor looks like the bomb! How much is it to Mexico?

CrazyGurl said...

Nice collection you got going!! ;-P

Nyx said...

Did someone

Anonymous said...

you see thats why i dont give you more money, you lush lol

Enjoy your beaches

Other Side of Me said...

Don't destroy my room!
I'm coming back for it!!!
But do have fun!

Gabe said...

Jason, if you gave me more money I would get a bike.

Tina, You crack me up...your room're not coming back...But I still love you.

Yes Nyx and Babylove you can both come to the party, I'll provide the place to stay and the drinks....all you gotta' do is get here.