Sunday, March 04, 2007

Having Fun

We had a team from another city visiting us for the past two days to help us with our monthly “Dr Payaso” program in the hospitals here.

Last night we had a little party and played games and with 2 camaras going we ended up taking crazy photos of anything and everything.

Thanks again, Sammy, Stacy, Jason and Nash for helping us and visiting with us these past few days.

I will leave you with some random photos!

Sammy and Stacy

Jason and Nash

Above I am taking the pictuce that is the photo below!

Sammy and Gabe

Sammy's drink and Gabe's drink.


Ruth Cortejos said...

random photos are always fun!

Anonymous said...

Ok Gabe I'm commenting because you said I never do. Next time I'll let you get a decent picture of me, cause that one is terrible. At least you didn't put the really disgusting one of me. Thanks. Love you. It was great to see you again.

Gabe said...

LOL... Anon, that's not a bad picture of you I think you look cute. There were worse ones. Thanks though for dropping a comment!

CrazyGurl said...

Okay I'm lovin the size difference in the bottles hehe

Nyx said...

Yes, last photo is great!

But, I don't get what you're taking a picture of???

Gabe said...

The photo is of beer bottles (Sol is one of Coronas main competitors here in Mexico) but it goes with the photo above.
It's a size comparison to my good friend Sammy, him and his drink size, me and my drink size!

Nyx said...

No silly, I got that.

Whats the icky orange stuff on the floor???

Gabe said...

Sorry Nyx,
It's easy to misread comments at 5:00 am.
The icky orange things on the floor are cheese puffs.
I don't like cheese puffs!

Nyx said...


Well thanks for the fine, detailed explanation anyhow.

Nice that you have lots of fotos now.

Ruth Cortejos said...


That was a great explanation Gabe!--of the size comparison & the cheese puffs!

So what exactly are cheese puffs? Did you make them or buy them? I'm very interested now. :-D

Gabe said...

Cheese puffs are some Mexican company's version of "Cheetos" just with more air!