Friday, April 06, 2007

Have Truck....Will Travel

I am feeling a little obsolete today!

Here is “Old Faithful” one of the main things that make me feel useful in this home.

Here is the “New Recruit” TTL for His supply, due entirely from donations our home has a new truck!

Hmmm….any homes out there need a single male with a truck?


Bo White said...

Did you say a single Male? Oh wow, the Lord answers prayer. Just joking but I just had to tease you.

Bo White said...

actually come to think of it I could really use the truck

Anonymous said...

What type of a question is that???? Of course we need a single male, and if you have truck....well now, how soon can you come? Love you! Amber

Bob said...

What you be looking for another home for?? Miss you man.

smile for me said...

yeah, our home needs a single male desperately!!! and well if you got a truck it could be a bonus, so how soon can we get you---with or without the truck?

Miss B said...

Cool! I'm so glad you finally get to drive a nice truck! Will you take the grey one with you or the white one?

Rosita said...

Single male with a truck... come right on board!!!

joy said...

Oh for crying out loud. You're not obsolete, we don't only love you for your truck, now go get it fixed and get your ass to the market. And stop fishing for compliments already. LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a shameless call for complements there Gabe
Have I taught you nothing subtle is the best way.

But yeah you’re right it’s a nice truck


Gabe said...

Bo White,
Yeah yeah I know you want my truck...take a number and get in line, lots of people do!

I am known for my long haul driving, so to drive to where you live would be awesome. I would have to look into the cost of fuel, visas and insuarnce for the some 10 or so countries I would have to drive through to get there. But what a trip that would be...Anyone want to be my rider?

Don't worry I will visit agian! But I miss you guys too!

Smile for me,
I could never bring my truck! So am glad you guys would want me for me!

Miss B.,
Would it make a difference which truck I would bring as to if your home would want me? LOL!

You crack me up! ROFL!

Gabe said...

I can fish ALL I want to, this is my blog! Lol! As for getting the truck fixed you know I am doing all I can! I will be getting to the market your nice truck! LOL!

I wasn't trying to be subtle! But you did teach me a thing or two so when I am trying I will remember what you taught me. Have a good one.

Czech it out! said...

Interesting! I look at the pics and think...hmmmm..what an uninteresting post..:o))))hahaha...who cares about trucks???...I look at the comments and well...I changed my mind...I'll start blogging about trucks!!!!!....seems to catch people's attention!..oops..sorry Gabe, I know, it's YOU !!!!(not the trucks!!!).....and btw it was supposed to be a compliment!!!

whacky said...

you guys can fight over the truck, I'll take the obsolete single male... :-P

Gabe said...

You are most kind!! Have a great one!