Saturday, April 14, 2007

HB2Y Cel

Cel, I am at a loss as to what to blog for your birthday! I wanted it to be cool and nice and the best blog post ever. I wanted to somehow convey to the world what a good friend you are, the type of friend everyone should have at least one of. A friend who has been there through the good and the bad times and loved me the same. A friend who has listened when I felt no one else would, a friend who is spontaneous and always a spark in me day. You know, that type of friend that you look forward to seeing and hanging out with, one that I can truly be just myself with without having to worry about what the next day’s reaction is going to be. But I just don’t know how to say all that I would.

So I searched your blog for photos of you that are just the best…lol! I hope you don’t mind me reposting some of them! ;)

I hope and pray that this coming year will be your best and that the Lord showers down his blessings on you! May all your prayers be answered and your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday!


CurlyCel said...

Aw, you definitely won the prize of "best blog post". - That is just TOOO sweet of you. You're a super good friend too, Gabe!!! ILY!

Gosh...those pics...LOL - I forgot I even had so many "interesting" ones. - So me. LOL!

Ruth Cortejos said...

Ooooh...great pics!! I don't know too many ppl that look that good in a superman outfit! Happy b'day Cel!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Celeste. I miss you and hope you have a great year. Amber

whacky said...

Great pics!! Happy B'day, Cel!

CurlyCel said...

Thanks Ruth - that Superman outfit was HUMILIATING (VERY), but oh so fun! :P

And thank you too Amber and Anj. - So sweet! XX

Anonymous said...

Your really giving that bull what for