Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hot Shower

I can't stand cold water showers. It's gotta be HOTT!!!
What do you think?

Best hot showers I have had in the past two years were at the Nuevo Dia home. I am missing those right now.


Joan said...

ah man! I totally agree with that. It just dosent feel nice to take cold showers, even after a super hot day, a freezing cold shower just shocks your whole body right when you get in....its just too much!

Hot water, yessss!

Babylove said...

Ah, Joan that's because we're Japanese! You don't know the meaning of HOT showers & baths until you go to a good ol' fashion ONSEN!!! I'm right w/ you Gabe! It's gotta be a scorcher!

Pseew said...

I am totally there...my boyfriend gets mad at me because he says I'm burning my skin and it can cause some kind of damage in the future, but there's just no way to enjoy a cold shower. so sorry, the HOT shower stays, it's the most relaxing time of the day.--speaking of which, i just got out of one now, it was awesome!

Babylove said...

I'm sure it's not good for your skin, but here's the good part, jump in a bath of freezing cold water afterwards, I gurentee it's great for you & leaves you feeling Soooo good. (I'm not nuts, ask any good Nip)

Joy said...

Hmmmm Gabe, seems I will be the first to disagree...

I'm with you on the hot showers when it's cold, but in the summer...forget it! I don't want any water that is even remotely warm touching my body. Cold showers in high summer are refreshing.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day I love to take a hot shower to relax. But there is some truth to hot showers not being the best for your skin. Hot showers loosen and weaken the skins elasticity. A cold spray at the end tightens the skin back up, amongst other things.

Mike Penn said...

I may be mistaken, but I think I know you well enough Gabe to know that in posting that photo there is a hidden meaning to this post.

For example, from what I can see in the picture the water is not what’s making that shower HOT! So I would think that the photo has something to do with a particular shower you have in mind, and by referencing the Nuevo Dia home and must have had quite the experience there!

So my hat is off to you, you always do seem to get them!

Gabe said...

Mike Penn,
If you do indeed know me as well as you claim then I believe it’s safe for me to assume that I know you well enough to know you are using the name Mike Penn as a pen name. Thus in effect making your post anon, so what shall I call you? You choose “Mike” since it’s a fairly common name and I have several friends named that! “Penn” was selected so that I would pick up on the fact it’s a pen name.

You’re right in pointing out that the heat from the photo does indeed seem to be coming for the girl and not the water. I did also notice that!

As for referencing Nuevo Dia, it really is because they have very good hot water. If you know me as well as you claim to, then you know I would never tell you about a “particular” shower, if in fact there even was one!

But what leaves me puzzled is your last comment,
“So my hat is off to you, you always do seem to get them!”

Are you referring to always getting the hot shower? I live in Veracruz, the only time we light our water heater is for December. So for the most part I shower in cold water! But then you already knew that…LOL!

Gabe said...

Joan, Babylove and Pseew,
You all ROCK!

I do agree with you! In the heat of summer cold showers are needed to help refresh. And like your body gets used to and acclimates to the heat it also does with the cold water.

To All,
Yes hot water can be damaging to the skin. PLEASE use caution!
Hot water opens and cleans the pores, rinsing in cold water at the end of the shower closes the pores lowering the risk of infection or clogged pores.

Mike Penn said...

LOL Gabe, you got me! Haha!
You always were good at seeing through my BS! And I know you would never tell if you did have that particular shower or not…you never claim nor deny, I am glad you don’t or you might tell stories of me…
Yes I was talking about the showers…I know you don’t get the hotties…lol. (jk)

Gabe said...

Mike Penn,
Based on your style I think I know who you are, could it be you?
There must be a way you could let me know without losing your Anon status.

Mike Penn said...

Of course there is, try this!

(Thick Russian Accent) My name is Boris!!

Gabe said...

YOu really cracked me up with that one. I thought it was you. Thanks for dropping by and getting active in the comments.