Friday, May 04, 2007

Dia Del Nino…

…or “Children’s Day” was the 30th of April. Here in México having a day celebrating children is just as big as Mothers Day and Fathers Day. For our Children’s Day we did a clown show in the local hospital with out Dr. Payaso program. We had local companies sponsor a gift package for the children. Each package included books, a CD card, an Activated mag and a small gift. Here are some photos from that event.

Hana, Stef and Danny with the packages!

Cephas with one of the children

Hana with one of the children!

Mel with one of the children!

Stef making balloons!

Mel and Stef


Ali said...

Isn't children's day the 30th of April?...either way..nice pics, bless you guys for reaching out!

Gabe said...

Yes, thanks so much for catching that, don't know how I missed it I read the post like 4 times before putting it up. Guess it was just one of those days. Anyways I corrected it in the post now now it reflects the proper day...the one for which we did the event. LY! Big hugs!

Czech it out! said...

Mel you look so young!!! How do you do that? And Hana you're a cute cowgirl!!!! Danny...good to see you!....since I don't know Stef...well....I like your tie!!! :o))