Wednesday, May 02, 2007

HB2Y Chris

Happy Birthday Chris!!!

I am so blessed to be able to count you as a friend. You are like one of the coolest most talented people I know. We have gotten along from when we first met back in 97 in Kamloops with me flying off your trampoline head first and knocking out several potato plants in your backyard garden to helping you pack the truck last summer 10 feet higher then it should have been. Such good memories.

Chris, Naty and family.

I hope and pray that you have a wonderful and blessed year with a closer walk with the Lord then ever before. I pray for health and safekeeping to you and yours. May it be your best year yet!

I hope you don’t mind these photos I used! I was looking for the one of you and I from the fellowship in DF a few years ago but had to resort to getting one off the MO site when I found out I didn’t have any of you on my comp. I think it would have been easier to get one from you as opposed to skimming through the 52 pages of photos yielded by the search for the name “Chris.” At least I have about 20 of you now.


CurlyCel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS! LY - and pray this year brings with it fulfillment and happiness. - I'm very sad we didn't get you and Naty. :(

Ali said...

May this year be full of blessings, love, joy and happiness.
Happy birthday!!.
Lots of love and prayers your way. Hechale ganas!!~XOXOXO~ Ali

Babylove said...

wa chou kawaii caporu da naaaa!!!

Gabe said...

What? - you want to see him naked?

Bo White said...

Happy Birthday Chris,
I love you tons & hope you have a great year. It was great traveling with you last year, despite the annoying border crossing. You're alot of fun to hang out with.

Babylove said...

Gabe, I'm amazed, people say that it takes years to learn to "read between the lines" of what Japanese people 'say' & what they 'mean'. You seemed to have mastered it splendedly. :)

Wild Flower said...

Hi Naty. I'm not sure you're gonna read this, but I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful and have a lovely family. Its Esther WW (or Flor) from Paraguay-Brazil, etc.
its been sooo long. almost 10 years.
check out my blog to see whats going on with me...
And...happy birthday Cris.

Nat said...

Man, I just saw this now. That's so sweet Gabe! I'm gonna make sure Chris sees this. Love you and miss you so much! Believe it or not we're in Canada right now, heh, visiting his family. Please pray we find a good Home to join soon. Love you!

Chris said...

Gabe, you so totally rock dude! thanks so much for that sweet little Birthday post you put up. Sorry I didn't see it sooner as we hadn't gotten online till now. I still remember when I first met you here in Kamloops. I was scared of you cuz you looked like a big tough guy with your long hair and bulging muscles, but after you destroyed my potatoe plants I didn't care how big you were and wanted to turn you into fertilizer! LOL. Well, I am glad I didn't and I am glad that we are still friends. You have been a great brother to me these years I have known you. Thanks for the advice, the financial help you have given us in our desperate times of need, and for being a Totally Cool, Rockin Dude! Have a totally awesome Birtday today my big bro!