Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Trucking to Canada

The day after crossing the border I get a call from John, my good friend who will be moving to Canada. I was glad to see they hadn’t left yet as I was hoping to see them before they headed up.

As were talking John tells me he wants to ask a favor and then asks me if I would be willing to drive to Canada with them to drive the moving truck the Lord supplied use of. After praying about it the Lord confirmed that this was something I should help them do so on Friday I will be heading up to Canada 1,800 miles (2880 km) from here.

Please keep the trip in your prayers as we will be 7 people and two vehicles going. I will try to take lots of photos and post along the way.


Ali said...

Fun, fun!!

babylove said...

Wow, that's a friendly friend John has there. If I move to Canade will you drive me?

Wild Flower said...

I like the picture. I like the truck. I love traveling. Have fun and drive safely, k? See ya

Wild Flower said...

Ooops, sorry, I forget to mention the truck driver...look likes a real fun guy to travel with. Who knows?