Sunday, June 10, 2007

365 days ago….

I joined the Veracruz home and began my rejoining process, so today is my one year anniversary of starting over again in the Family. I’m still here…TTL!


maria doehler said...

So cool! That is a very important day!

Justin said...

Hey, very cool! Sorry it's belated but happy anniversary and GBY for sticking and doing all the Lord asked of you. I don't know you personally but feel I do through the site and your sample is a real inspiration to me. Keep it up.

Actually, looking through your site I see that we know a ton of the same ppl. Here's hoping we get to meet sometime. Take care.

Bo White said...

Congrats man, I'm glad you're still here & I hope this year will be an even better one for you. big hug

Wild Flower said...

Every year with Jesus is better than the year before.
Every day with Jesus, you'll love Him more and more.

Gabe, I'm so happy you're still here and I know you'll be around next year for your second aniversary...may you have many more.