Saturday, June 23, 2007

Greek Food

I have had the great opportunity to hang out with and do some fundraising with Jason and Nash and the other night we had dinner at a Greek restaurant, which also had some Lebanese dishes. We had a great time sampling different dishes as well as different beers, one being Athenian, a Greek beer. We topped the meal off with some Baklava. It was a great way to end the day!

Hallumi (aka "squeaky cheese")

Kibbeh and Tzaziki


Gyro Platter


"Athenian" Greek Beer


Babylove said...

Babylove: reaches arm through computer & gives Gabe a few good strangles!! How dare you tempt me like that!!

On another note: What was the underlying ingr. in the Tzaziki that made it good? lemon? Garlic or mint? I've never had it authen. but I WANNNAAA!!

Gabe said...

Hmmm...Babylove I thought you no longer visited...I should have known a food post would get back to you and draw you out...LOL!

I would have to say that the lemon and garlic were both underlining they complemented each other well. The hint of mint was there and did round out the flavor to make the Tzaziki what it is.

Babylove said...

I was on temp. intenet leave! I wasn't anywhere very much, this is the first time I've been here in a few weeks! But if I ever blog again I will do my darndest to seduce you into the world of japanese food! :)

Ruth Cortejos said...

Mmmmmm...looks great! Mediterranean food is something I'd like to taste more of & learning how to cook.

thisisme said...

Greek food is da bomb!!

livi said...

love ittt..Tzaziki is the bestt.. I loveee mediterranean food.. go figure.. I am!! PS.. love ur blog

Anonymous said...

As a full-blooded greek...I can assure all you aspiring chefs into the world of Greek cuisine that authentic tsatsiki is very easy to make. Take extremely thick yogurt (or strain yogurt in a thin dish towel for a couple hours), add grated cucumber which has been squeezed to drain the juice, then add garlic, olive oil, lemon and salt to taste. Enjoy!! :-)

Christina Cuevas said...
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