Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thought – Creation

Excerpts from “Perfect Love” –ML 3636
I have surrounded you with constant reminders of My love. I could have made the world drab or boring, but I made it special for you. I painted the skies and the land with exquisite living colors. Look at the flowers and the trees—they are alive with detail and variety. I could have made just a few types of trees and flowers, or made them all one color, but I made nature full of diversity and beautiful for you.

There are so many kinds of flowers, and each one is unique and lovely in its own way. There are so many trees and they come in all different sizes and designs. Some trees bear fruit, while others grow berries, or seeds, or nuts, or flowers. Even the trees that lose their leaves or whose leaves turn brown are a reminder of My love and care for you. Even though they go through hardships or dry or cold seasons, they eventually blossom again.

Look up at the sky. During the day you have the sun to light your way and give you warmth. At night you have the moon and the stars that come out and shine for you. And at the beginning and end of every day, you have the sunrises and sunsets that are symbols of My love for you. I create a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece on the canvas of the sky each morning and evening, because I love you.

Think about the bodies of water on the Earth. The vastness of the oceans doesn’t compare to the magnitude of My love. The depth of the seas doesn’t compare to how deep My love is for you. And yet, comparing My love to oceans and seas can help you to understand My love a little bit better. My love is like a cool, refreshing dip on a hot and muggy day. The waves and the sand on the beaches are also part of My plan—like a giant playground that I created for My children to enjoy.

I have placed reminders of My love all around you. Remember Me when you hear and see the sounds and sights of nature that I have surrounded you with. When you hear the birds singing, think of it as My love song to you. When you breathe in the fresh air, think of it as breathing My Spirit into your very being.

From now on, look around you at the things that I have created and be reminded of My love for you. Don’t take anything for granted. Each tree is alive and growing and part of the miracle of life. Each flower is a part of My creation. Each star in the heavens was placed there by My hand and according to My plan. I created it all because I love you.

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Wild Flower said...

I loved the red flower. Its beautiful! Nice Post, very refreshing...