Friday, July 06, 2007


On the 4th due to having gone to the circus and dinner out it was too late to catch any firework shows. So the Lord blessed the children with one on the 5th, in Corpus visiting my Dad. It was a nice show shot over the beach with the fireworks reflecting in the water….super cool! Here’s a video clip of it!


Jason said...

It is so much fun to play with pyrotechnics.
oh and det-cord, and road flares, and other things that go boom
Glad the kids enjoyed it. Have a safe trip down.
Oh and get Adrian a haircut (he is starting to look like a trow back from the 70's LOL)

Man I am going to have to make a trip to see the my niece and nephew. There getting big.


Jason said...

Did you add the Hendrix sound track?

Note: Before any one jumps on my spelling (you know who are) I must remind you that it's not misspelled it's abbreviated.


I know Who I Am, alright... said...

LOL Jason, like that's gonna keep me from doing it... you know it's for your own good, so here you go:
trow is NOT an acceptable abbreviation for throw, and it's their, not there. (smirk)

Jason said...

To little ms I Know Who I am, always the teacher ----- have a bite of

an apple :)

Gabe said...

You two should just get a room already...

Jason said...

you got any ...... :)

Little Miss IKWIA said...

Both of you are so foolish.

I don't think a room is necessary... looks to me like you're having piles of fun already, just the two of you. ;)

jason said...

little miss ikwia don't you mean "we are" instead of you're and "us" instead of you. :)

ikwia said...

NO Jason, I generally mean just what I say.