Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Weddings are always fun and a sure way to a good meal, so when Haven’s brother Jeremy invited me to his wedding on June 30th I jumped at the chance. Actually the invite came a year ago so it was nice that the wedding happened while I was in town. It was a nice ceremony and a good time with good food. I will just post some photos here for your enjoyment and let them tell the story

Jeremy and Toni, the bride and groom. (This photo was taken by Jade 3 1/2 yrs old)

The wedding cake was hand made by Haven!

She even handmade the flowers and painted them with food coloring!

Jeremy and I (Yes I wore a fuchsia tie...)

Jade and her cousin

Adrian and his cousin


Jason said...

All I can say is "that tie brings out your eyes"
dude burn it asap

Jason said...

Really if you needed I tie I have dozens of them should have asked

CrazyGurl said...

That tie is really...special... =D You were brave to wear it!

laura said...

dude so far everybodys like "eww such an ugly tie" but i think it totally rocks.....dont believe what they say, they're just jealous

Ruth Cortejos said...

Ok while everyone is talking about the tie...I just wanted to mention that the cake is spectacular!!

But yeah...that tie is bright!

Gabe said...

LOL...I don't know what to say. at the weddings I got tons of comments on the tie, maybe cuz I wore all black with it.

I got that tie as Jade wanted it to match her shoes which were that color. I think I am a big enough man that I can wear those colors...

As for burning it bro.... lol...maybe I will let you do it with a road flair or something...

Anonymous said...