Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dean Update

Thanks so much for your prayers. Hurricane Dean MISSED us. That’s right…it made landfall about 150miles north of is as a Cat 2 hurricane. Once making landfall it quickly lost strength and was downgraded to a tropical storm in about 2 hours.

We spent the afternoon of Tuesday preparing for the storm by cutting down all our coconuts and trimming trees in our yard. We removed anything from the yards and outside the house that was not actually bolted down. We parked all the cars safely out of the brunt of the wind and settled in for anything.

By about 9:00 pm we were getting the first bands of winds only about 20 kph. So I headed to the beach with the teens and some of the SGA’s and we had a great time in the rougher then normal seas. It was great exercise.

So going to bed that evening we prayed knowing the Lord had told us to stay and not evacuate and trusting him to keep us through it all. During the night Dean headed on a more northerly path projected and so missed us. We believe this was in direct answer to all your prayers for us. Thanks so much.

Although the storm didn’t affect us any more then rain and some wind, we would like to ask for your prayers for the families in the areas of the Yucatan and Central Mexico where the storm did do considerable damage with people left homeless and with out power.

One of our friends at the market who donates bananas weekly told us this morning that his grandfathers banana plantation is in the city where Dean made landfall the second time and all the banana trees are now gone. TTL no one was hurt and the only thing that was lost was crops.

Thanks again for your prayers!


Mike said...

Wow! An answer to prayer!

Gabe said...

Thanks for praying!