Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Have you ever made one of those decisions that you knew you had to, didn’t want to, procrastinated about and then just made it?

We arrive at decisions in a multitude of ways. Sometimes people make them for us or force us into them. We make decisions based on circumstances or practicality. We make them based on feelings or moods. We make them out of necessity. Those are usually the easier kind for me.

The ones I have trouble with are the decisions that need to be made but none of the above mentioned factors are at play…it’s just you and the Lord. A leading He’s placed on your heart, a burden or a desire, a want or a need, but there is no time factor involved…no pressure. Seems like that would be a dream decision to make, not so for me.

Then when you finally make it you can close your eyes and you get a complete trust. His assurance washes over your soul and fills your inner being and you find peace.
Today was that kind of day. I hope your day was good too…so close your eyes and trust.


Anonymous said...

Good piece of advice..."Close your eyes and trust!" I'm having to make and important decesion these days, it can be hard...so prayers are welcome!TX!

Gabe said...

Will say prayers for you. If you have my email drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for you prayers Gabe...decision is made now, sweet relief,ha! Don't have your e-mail, just read your blog often, I like it...I think my sis is a good friend of yours, anyways got to go now, good day and GBY!