Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thought – Victory!

(Jesus:) Battles are usually hard, and sometimes it looks like you're losing. Sometimes even when you're doing all you can‚ you feel like you've lost. But if you're doing your part and it doesn't seem that things are going very well, that just means that it's not over yet—that there's still a victory coming.

I use battles—especially ones that are long or difficult—to humble you, to make you more dependent on Me, and sometimes you do feel pretty defeated. But if you are using the spiritual weapons at your disposal, if you're listening to My instructions and doing what I tell you to do, then you're always destined to win in the end, even if it takes a lot of faith to believe that when you're going through it.

ML 3658:79,80


Nyx Martinez said...

Thanks, really needed this--particularly today!

joy said...

It's a very encouraging one.

And yeah, what Nyx said.