Saturday, November 10, 2007

So far from home....

Arizona at 70 mph.

Someone told me once that they get bored reading posts about people's travels. If that is the case and my recent travel posts have bored you then go ahead and skip this post as I am traveling again.

I was headed home to Mexico when I got a request from another home in Mexico if I would help them make a trip to San Diego California to get a load of stuff for their home. After praying about it the Lord indicated I should. So here I am in San Diego Cal, in a hotel room right on the Mexican border, I am looking out the window and I see the Mexican flag and Tijuana is across the bridge. Mexico is oh so close, but I am still oh so far from home...don't worry guys I will come back.

Oh, Mexico!
It sounds so simple; I just got to go.
The sun's so hot, I forgot to go home,
Guess I'll have to go now!

Americano got the sleepy eye,
But his body's still shaking like a live wire.
Sleepy seƱorita with the eyes on fire.
Oh, Mexico!
It sounds so sweet, with the sun sinking low.
Moon's so bright, like to light up the night;
Make everything all right.

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Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to see a cactus like that!