Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday Thought – I Laugh

When someone slaps you upside the head just to see if it will bother you what do you do?
I laugh!!

When your looking for a home and you lose your right of mobility what do you do?
I laugh!!

When all you want to do is talk to a loved one and you can't get through to them cuz all internalional circuts are busy what do you do?
I laugh!!

When your heart and soul in the human form of a 4 yr old girl trips and lands on your laptop screen smashing it to where only a small corner still works, what do you do?
I laugh!!

You could say it wasn't my day...but you know what? I am laughing!!

No matter what life throws your are bigger then life... So Laugh!


whacky said...

Laughing right along with you!

Just Blowing By said...

Yikes Gabe, if all those things happened to you I can't say I am laughing with you, but praying for you, I sure am!
Big Hug!

Wild Flower said...

Can't say I'm laughing right now, but I am smiling. I'm smiling for two reasons? First because I'm happy for how your facing all these difficult things, but I'm mainly smiling because I know that everything is going to be long as you keep laughing. Biggen than life, right? and you're gonna live forever...don't forget that!

Joni said...

Thank you Gabe,
It was the Lord I checked your blog. I've had a drivers license for a long time but haven't been driving. Just recently I prayed and decided to start driving again. Yesterday when pulling out of the driveway in our big van, I cut too close to the gate and tried to reverse out...smashed a window and scraped the side of the car. Oh what a mess I am! I'll try to have a good laugh at myself--not easy :)