Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thought – 30,000 Hits!

When I started this blog it was for a hobby when I was rejoining, I needed something to do! I wanted something fun and lighthearted, relaxing and enjoyable. I determined only one keep it positive. A year and a half later and last night saw this blogs 30,000th visit spread throughout 117 different countries.

Man how did a guy in a small home in the middle of nowhere get to have that kind of influence? I mean that might not be a lot for you but who am I? Just a normal disciple in a normal home in a normal field. I have no special talents or ministries, no celebrity status or "limelight gifts!" I am just an average guy!

In the past couple months I seen posts about posts I have written and how it touched your life, I have gotten comments about how I have brightened up your day and made you smile. I have seen friends use things I have said as their Skype and other chat programs quotations. I have received emails thanking me for sharing certain things. I have been asked to have some of the things I have posted used in a professors seminar in Japan. I have had post's reprinted in the Reflections.

While all those things are nice and cool, the thing that I have enjoyed the most about keeping up this blog is YOU! That's right! I have made so many good friends and met so many of you through this blog. I have been given the gift of seeing into your life and world and I have been given to chance to be a part of you through friendship and prayers.

So cheers to YOU...the reason I have this blog!


Jason said...

all hail the bloger king

Hit me up later

Gabe said...

LOL...Jason I think to get the title "blogger king" you need at least 30,000 hit's a month. So I am far from it....

Anonymous said...

Loved ur thurday thought; you do have a lot to share with all of us your readers. I really like that your blog is positive and uplifting and all around full of praise.You are making a difference.LU.

Impetuous Lady said...

Am glad to have become your friend through this blog...LY!

Gabe said...

Anon and Impetuous,

I am honored to be able to count you both as friends. You each have been there for me during rough stuff and I am thankful for that! Big Hug!