Monday, February 11, 2008

HB2Y Shel

So today is Shel's day! She has a different name but she like's to be a mystery so I have named her Shel. She's an onfire radical teen serving the Lord in a far flung (in compared to where I am) mission field. She like's to sing songs and writes them too... pretty good of the ones I have heard. She thinks that she like's Italian food... along with really spicy food. She's not looking for a boyfriend, so Danny don't hound me for her real name or contact info.

Well Shel, I hope and pray your new year is filled with many blessings from the Lord as well as the love of family and companionship of friends. May your cup run over with all of life's goodness.

If anyone wants to leave a b-day greeting click there where it says "what you say..."


Anonymous said...

aw...tx gabe thats so sweet of you...yup u know me as shell but u also know my real name haha but shell is cooler!(i think...not really esther doesnt thinks so...hihi)
anyways thats one of the nicest and funniest thing sumbody ever wrote for me..specially someone who doesnt even know me...well tx...for the kids words...funny luved it!! i think esty will too...hahaha..big kiss gabe and tx

Wild Flower said...

Hey little girl! You look pretty good in that picture...almost as good as me, ha! Hope you had a happy birthday, little sis. And are always gonna be 9 years younger than me. Keep trying....!
Ve se comporta, ein? senao vai apanhar!