Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday – Hogwash

I wonder how many people have gone out and smoked dried banana peels because someone else had told them they could get high on it, I know a few who have… LOL… but its all malarkey, you won’t get high, you just end up feeling gullible.

The other day I saw the above clip on YouTube about how to make your Mountain Dew glow. So today I thought I would do it with the kids since it looked cool. While out doing business I got all the needed ingredients took them home had dinner and parent time then just as it was starting to get dark I invited my two kids with the other three in the home and before long there was a crowd of about 12 people all gathered around to see my “glow in the dark cocktails.”

After mixing the ingredients the mix didn’t glow. I was like…”What???” and so we went and watched the clip again. And mixed the concoction about 6 more times before concluding it is a hoax. So later on I decided to do a little bit more YouTube research and realized many people have tried it and it doesn’t work. They get it to glow by adding the fluid from a glow stick to it. So just cuz’ you see it on YouTube doesn’t make it so… This was hogwash!!!

At least we all had a good laugh at it and I was able to use the surplus mountain dew for a future "get out of jail free" card. Who says bribes have to be money?

I think I want to watch some “Myth Busters” now…

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