Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Thought – Memories Revisited

Memories are such an interesting thing, especially in the way that they are remembered. Each person involved in a situation remembers things differently, for example:

I recently posted about tattoos and told a teenage story about when I wanted to get one, the other participant in my story was my Mom, to which she sent me an email with how she remembered it. The excerpt follows,

I thought it strange you and I both remember the tattoo incident, but remember it a bit different. I didn't tell you you had to be Jesus, I simple told you that you could tattoo your thigh "Lord of Lord and King of Kings" to which you said you weren't Jesus. Funny how time changes things and memories for us all isn't it?

So this got me thinking about memories. Although both retelling's were basically the same some things were different. This got me thinking and wondering about how many situations in life are like this. The sad part is, although this story and example I used here are harmless, lot's of memories aren't. Like marriage problems or memories of things happening to us as children.

How many lives have been broken based on persecutions resulting from new books written based on childhood memories that happened some 20-30 years back? How many people have been persecuted for their faith because someone else remembered or took something wrong in the retelling of an incident? How many marriages have been broken up by faulty memories of the way things actually happened?

I guess that's why it's so important to leave the past where it is and make new experiences each day and live each day to it's fullest.

And Love! Because with love humility and prayer all things are solved and each experience can be a good one. Treasure the memories of good things in life and the bad things that happen will not have room to be remembered.

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