Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cast your ballot....

So we had home elections and I don't know what to say. I am now a home shepherd. In the Word it teaches the best way to forget about your problems is to get out witnessing. So whenever anyone has problem I think I will just go out. Or maybe I will just send them out, either one someone's got to go. (small voice in head telling me I should probably stop and pray.... Good Idea)

I also got voted the outreach coordinator... which is cool as it makes it easier for me to send them out... lol!

And I am also now the JT counselor so please pray for the JT's... I mean pray for me.


Babylove said...

hoora, sounds like you're gonna be a busy man. Still dig your blog. XX

whacky said...

oooooh! What fun fun fun! If I ever become a HS, I'll take your advice and send us all out witnessing :-)