Friday, October 31, 2008


We had a dress up party with the SSU tonight and it was lots of fun. Thanks to all those who planned the games and got everything setup.

Pirate Winch and Mexican Cowgirl


A worker with a coffee can on his head.

Marlyn Monroe





kathy said...

heh .The pirate look defineltey suits you.

Naty said...

I wasn't a gypsy Gabe, I was a hippy. LY!

Gabe said...

Naty, your so right!! There I fixed it.

Kathy, that's my real eye patch that I use often.

Jason said...

That’s a scary bunch you hang with especially the Coffee boy

Nyx Martinez said...

Haha, is that the Mexican painter Frida?

Fun, fun!

Gabe said...


Do you think they are scarier than the bunch you hang out with?

Jason said...

In there own way --- of course no one is "scarier" then the bunch I hang with

But at least with my bunch you wont see us with coffee cans on our heads (deer skins, bear skins, fox skins, oh hell any skins but no coffee cans :)~ )