Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Thought – God's Will.

I was thinking the other day about the usefulness of any given individual and how circumstances and location seem to play a large role in their fruitfulness and or happiness.

For example:
Before moving here I lived in Veracruz for two years. The team there was great, I was living with great people and the home had good CTP projects and from what I have seen in recent months they had some good followup and supporters.

I should have been thriving, and in the beginning I did. As time went on though and the longer I was there things just seemed to be a drag for me. I had lost the joy of the Lord. That's not to say I wasn't busy or didn't do my part in the home and out, but I never really felt like part of the team and when I was away on trips I didn't look forward to coming home.

Then I moved here and things seemed so different for me, I felt used and needed like I was really making a difference. I was gone from the home last week for one night and couldn't wait to get home. And as I thought about it I had a hard time accepting the conclusion I was drawing, that by changing location everything else changed to. To me it seemed there had to be a better reason than that.

So I was talking to Fisher about it and he commented that it could only be the Will of God, and being in the Lord's highest. And that makes perfect sense.

The home I was in was not a bad one, on the contrary it is one of the best homes I have lived in over the past 10 years. It just wasn't the Lord's highest Will for me to be there anymore so nothing was right.

So if your feeling like nothing is working out for you, or that your spinning your wheels trying to make things work when it's not, take the time to pray about it to make sure you really are in the Lord's highest Will. An if a change is needed to get into the Lord's highest Will for you, embrace it and you might really see the blessings you were missing out on by outliving the Lord's Will for you in that place.


Marie said...

Amen to that, i can really agree w/ you. I like u're blog btw...very inspiring...good stuff. ;)

gala said...

i can really relate to what you wrote...and am so glad for you that you are happy now