Friday, February 27, 2009

HB2Y Adrian

Today my big boy turn's 9. He had his party last week with his mom so today I took him and Jade out to celebrate with me since I wasn't in town for his party. We went to the Magic Time Machine restaurant. We had a blast, ate in a walk in freezer with packaged meat hanging from the ceiling, and drank UGLY bubbly potions while being served by Harry Potter. Adrian had a birthday song sang to him by about 8 waitresses, which he has forbidden me to post the video of, while Jade had her face painted. Here's a few photos.

Adrian and I waiting in the lounge to be seated at out table. (photo by Jade)

Adrian with his cool birthday Viking hat.

Jade, after getting her face painted.

Jade snapped this photo of the amour.

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