Thursday, April 02, 2009

Seven Pounds

I don't usually put up posts about movies as it is such a touchy topic with some. Some people are very strict in what they see others have no guidelines at all. So to recommend or not recommend a movie can become a fast way to paint a target on your back from either side. So by not posting about movies you can avoid the whole issue.

Today I am stepping out of the norm to recommend the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith in the leading role. If I had to give an age recommendation I would put it at YA's and up maybe Sr Teen if seen with a Shep and really discussed. The movie has certain elements that we don't promote as a Family in general. And that is the extent of my disclaimer.

I have not watch a movie in the past few years that had a bigger impact on me, a movie that really got me thinking about my life, what I am doing for others and the reasons I am doing it for. Each one of us wants to have a life that counts, that makes a difference and one that would really affect the world, even if that world is only a handful of people. The choices that are made in this movies shows how each life can touch another, how each decision makes a difference and how we influence others.

If you want to see a movie that will make you ask the Lord if you are doing what you can, a movie that will bring a tear (or many) to your eye yet at the same time bring warmth of a life touched, changed and saved. Then I would recommend this movie.

This is not a movie to go into lightly for entertainment as it will make you ask of yourself,

"What am I doing with my life?"

I hope that when all is said and done and my umber is called, I hope I can say that I have done all that I could and that I gave all that I had.

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GeminiSide said...

This movie was so amazing. I wasnt prepared for it.
I highly recommend it as well.
Heart wrenching is how I described it.
This is the ultimate in laying down your life in a non conventional way.