Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday Thought - Standing alone...

I was reading on Anj's blog yesterday and came across this post in which she says,
"Sometimes you have to stand alone in order to understand how deeply you have been loved."

I agree with her and would add to it that, sometimes you have to stand alone in order to understand or find out who you really are.

No one likes to be alone and thank the Lord with Him in our lives we never are truly alone, we have Him to turn to and he is always carrying us through even if we feel alone.

That being said I have found that in moments when I have felt alone are the moments I really see who I am, what I have become. This is done by how you make decisions in all areas of your life, from what you do to survive to what you do to have fun and relax.

Each decision you make defines who you are.

Once while in an rocky relationship, I was trying to make lots of changes to try to save the relationship, my partner finally told me something like, "Gabe you have been trying to make so many changes that you have completely forgotten who you are. It's like you don't even have an identity anymore." She was right.

Don't fear being alone... it's the greatest time in the world to find out who you really are and what your made of. You will start to see yourself in a different light. And with the Lord's help and yielding to Him you will become who you are supposed to be.


whacky said...

Heh! It's a cool build-on to that little quote. I actually had more I wanted to write about that ... but at the time of posting, I only had 2 mins so I thought I'd put the quote up and write the rest of the article later. I still need to do it, but yours is a good reflection on life. Cheers!

kathy said...

so true, thanks for that gabe it really means something to me right now in my life. i love you!